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Its that time of year again!

Well, another December has rolled up on us. We're now 4 days until Christmas and though the house is a glow with lights and decorations, it really doesn't FEEL like Christmas. I blame it primarily on the weather. Current forecast for Friday is 73°/62° with a 40% chance of rain. What's up with that?! Its supposed to be cold on Christmas. But then again we live in Georgia and I've somewhat come to expect that. You really never know what its going to be from one week to the next. Weather aside, things are still just not quite Christmasy. Its somewhat hard to get into the holiday spirit when you…
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Some times you’re in the weeds

And other times you are in some pristine field with a perfectly manicured lawn and the fresh smell of daisies wisps into your nostrils. But like I said some times its the smell of a poopy diaper and none of your kids will talk to you. Never mind that one of them is 9 months and physically can't talk, this is the time when things just suck. For example, that first week of school, things just suck. Unless you are a 3.5 year old and LOVE the hell out of school, want to bring all your friends donuts on the first day, and talk about school all the time, the…
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Happy Turners

Birthday boat day!

Every year someone in this house gets a little older. This year it happened to be Jess, and what better way to celebrate getting older than to spend the day on the lake with some great friends and perfect weather! For the past few years we've wound up on the lake near the end of the summer. Every time we go out we have a blast and make a point to do it more often. Of course the more often part never happens, but we still have a great time. In years past we've had a bigger boat, more people, and MUCH MORE DRINKING! However, with every passing year our…
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"Great" Expectations

Great expectations

But not the Charles Dickens kind. Well, actually I've never read the book, or even seen the 1998 movie starting Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. So perhaps it's exactly like that. However, for the sake of this post, let's just say it's not. During that small window each day when it's possible, Jess and I had a great conversation. We talked about how we have a bad habit of planning big for pretty much anything. No matter what it is, we always set the bar high, but inevitably our reality is far from the expectations. I'll use last night as an example. For the past few weeks we've been planning…
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Chase, Jack, Jess

Half a year later

I honestly don't even know where to begin. My last post was in December of 2014, and it's now July 2015. That's WAY to long to go without posting. So today, I start again. But where to start? Do I make a post about Jack, Lane, Tough Mudder, my new tattoo, the basement, work, beer, the gym, or somewhere else? Too much has happened over the past 7 months to capture it all. There's just no way to get it all into a post, and I'm sure I've forgotten more things than I'd ever be able to share here. So now that I've wasted the first two paragraphs talking about…
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Time’s a changing!

And so is the bloggins. For the past several years, has been dedicated to the life and times of Jess and I, and our growing family. Posts would range from new additions to the family to vacations to struggles with putting together furniture and even CrossFit. However, now that our family is complete it's time to move things over to a new blog. So with that, I will now be posting over at I feel the new blog, at least in name, represents the family as a whole now. Where as before, with SniperBear it was more of the beginning and middle of Jess' and I's journey as we…
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My mini-me!

You don’t know Jack!

[caption id="attachment_1804" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Jack Edward Turner[/caption] Jack Edward Turner was born at 5:32 PM, on October 27th 2014. He was a few weeks early, but came out screaming at nearly 21 inches long and weighing 7lbs on the dot! Had he gone to full term, he would have been right up there with his brother in birth size. But never fear, what Jack initially lacked in weight or overall stature, has been eclipsed by so much more. Here's the thing. Jack was born SEVEN weeks ago. Over a month has gone by with out even a mention on this blog. Nothing has been written or posted or anything in regards…
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Seven days to Jack!

Where to begin... What a whirlwind of an adventure these past few months have been. I can honestly only speak for myself, as I know Jess has had her fair share of ups and downs with this pregnancy. In 7 days, yes SEVEN days Jack will be here. I can't believe how quickly that crept up on us. Some how it's flown by and crept along all the same. There were weeks and months that just wouldn't end, but in hindsight they were gone in the blink of an eye. Jess has had a heck of a time with this one. A week ago we were in the hospital dealing…
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“Get out of my butthole”

Oh the things kids say these days! That's just a small sample of the wonders that Lane continues to utter these days. For instance, yesterday he and Jess were getting his hair cut when he walked over to a table where there was a tea pot and some plates out and Lane said "oh, some one was having a tea party!" He then proceeded to have his own tea party. The other day while pooping he had a little nugget in the toilet and he says "look out little poop, big poop is coming for you!" And he promptly dropped a giant turd into the toilet. He really does have…
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“Labor” day 2K14

This weekend was one for the books. Well, around these parts, virtually every weekend is for the books. But still, it really was a great weekend around the Turner household. While our friends were off galavanting around town for Dragon*Con Jess and I were busy getting things ready for the baby shower. We really just kinda tackled some long over due projects and got stuff done. In fact, I was able to unload my gym equipment and further get the basement ready for finishing. It still has light years to go, but it certainly is well on its way. We did manage to get some book cases and shelves painted…
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