Bacon, Egg, and cheese breakfast cups

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese breakfast cups
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese breakfast cups

Around here, breakfast on Saturday mornings gives us the opportunity to try something new and delicious. I often find myself wanting to get up and make some sort of extravagant meal involving tons of ingredients and steps and something that takes a considerable amount of time to prepare. Then again, I also find that waking up and having a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal works just as well.
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The lost art of sleeping

6:30 bed time

Sleep has quickly become a topic of much discussion around the Turner house. We’re to the point where we’ll take it any chance we can get.

Recently Lane has had some stomach issues that keep him up more than a 3 week old should be. And as everyone knows, when the baby is awake, we’re all awake. For now, he’s snoozing in his little bed, so mom took this opportunity to grab a little shut-eye as well.

I’m sure it’ll all work out soon, but for the time being we’ll just keep on snoozing on the couch or going to bed at all hours of the day.

Happy 2 Weeks Lane!

As of tomorrow, our sweet Benjamin Lane will be two weeks old! I can’t believe how fast it’s going by. I wished and wished for these days, and now I am ready to press the pause button and freeze time for a bit. Our boy has gotten bigger and better in just the two short weeks he’s been in the world.

First, his belly button fell off! Yay! This means no more sponge baths or folding down the diaper. Just a normal (ish) belly button that’s good to go in a big boy tub! Speaking of big boy baths, we have video of his first. Let me just preface that post by saying BLT is NOT a fan of the tub. Considering his behaviors elsewhere, I’m thinking it’s because he hates to be cold….something else we’ve learned about our little boy in this short time. As soon as Ben realized that Lane didn’t like to be cold and found him some comfy, warm pjs, well…he’s been sleeping much better at night. Maybe next time I’ll put his cute little butt in the tub with me. 😉

Another thing we’ve gotten the hang of is nursing. Having a VBAC, and successfully breastfeeding, were two goals I set for myself early on in this pregnancy.  Now, the VBAC isn’t entirely in my control (well, not at all in my control), and if you read the previous posts you’ll see why it didn’t happen.  But breastfeeding I can do. And am doing, quite beautifully.  We’ve had a few bumps in the road with it just like anything else. Lane is supplementing with formula to help with his jaundice and throughout this process my supply has dipped a bit.  But, there are still several times a day when I am able to cradle my guy and bond with him in a way I never have. What I initially thought would be awkward or unnatural for me has turned out to be second nature and cathartic for my spirit. I’m hoping I can continue this with him for another few weeks….

Last to mention is Lane’s “playtime”. I’m not sure if you know anything about newborns, but they pretty much sleep all the time. ALL, the time. But over the past two weeks Lane’s favorite time to be awake is after feeding, and after a diaper change. Sometimes he falls right back to sleep, but more often lately he likes to look, and stare, and whoever it is that’s holding him. These have got to be my favorite times so far. Most of the time we just stare at each other for 15-20 minutes at a time. I talk to him, and he doesn’t respond much except with random reflexive smiles or yawns. He loves when I stroke his face or give him kisses. It’s a very easy, simple time where we get to know each other and bond in yet another amazing way.

Tomorrow Ben goes back to work, Chase is at school, and it’s just BLT and I on most days. I am looking forward to spending alone time with my handsome boy, but  also anxious about my other handsome guy being so far away. I take comfort, however, that in our experience, no matter how much space is between Ben and I…we’re never really apart after all. 🙂

Lane’s Arrival

Tuesday, January 3rd, started like any other Tuesday really. School was out and Chase was coming home from his Dad’s after spending a long New Year’s weekend. We spent the morning hanging out in our pajamas and watching tv. After lunch, I started having a few strong contractions. This was not much different than previous days, where my strong contractions lasted about 20 minutes then subsided. Once they got a bit stronger, and closer to an hour going strong, I texted Ben and called the nurse at my doctor’s office. Still not too concerned, I told Ben to take his time coming home and decided maybe I needed to ‘relieve some pressure’. While sitting on the toilet, I felt a gush that was not controlled by me. I immediately thought “Oh my gosh, my water broke! I’m going into labor”. Within the next few seconds my thoughts quickly changed as I noticed my water did not break, instead I was bleeding. Alot. My heart sank knowing that something wasn’t right. I immediately called my doctor’s office who told me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Then I called Ben and told him he needed to be home ASAP. Throughout all of this, my sweet Chase was home with me. I put on my bravest face and decided to keep him busy while I waited on Ben. I stayed on the toilet and bled, while Chase grabbed things we needed and added them to the suitcase. I used every bit of my courage not to worry, but knowing that this amount of blood wasn’t normal. I hadn’t felt Lane move in a while. I just wanted to be at the hospital. Now.

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It’s a boy!

It was quite an adventure yesterday and it all started with a text.

Jess and Lane
Jess get's to touch Lane for the first time

Around 2:45 Jess texted me saying that she was having contractions. This was nothing new since she had been having them off and on for the past week or so. This time however they didn’t go away. She had a bath and tried a few different techniques, but the contractions persisted and eventually got worse. We chatted back and forth and she kept me in the loop since I was roughly an hour away at work. When 4:00 rolled around and they were getting worse I knew it was time to leave, so I packed up and hit the road lickety-split.
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