Big Boy….

I just rocked my sweet, almost four month old baby to sleep in his room, and put him in his crib for what will hopefully be his first full night of sleep in his own room. It’s beyond time, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I’m praying for a peaceful night of sleep for all of us tonight….

I have much to catch up on here, and plan to do so this week while I’m off for Spring Break. The snipers are still alive and kicking!

The lost art of sleeping

6:30 bed time

Sleep has quickly become a topic of much discussion around the Turner house. We’re to the point where we’ll take it any chance we can get.

Recently Lane has had some stomach issues that keep him up more than a 3 week old should be. And as everyone knows, when the baby is awake, we’re all awake. For now, he’s snoozing in his little bed, so mom took this opportunity to grab a little shut-eye as well.

I’m sure it’ll all work out soon, but for the time being we’ll just keep on snoozing on the couch or going to bed at all hours of the day.