SnoJam 2k11

Every hundred millennia (or few years depending on your measurement of time) a storm comes along that just brings everything to a standstill. This was last seen during the documentary The Day After Tomorrow. Prior to that, there was the blizzard of 93. I remember the Bo93 well and would gladly have another one. Despite the loss of power, bitter cold, and cabin fever, it was amazing. I am a fan of the snow and ice and that was right up my alley. This year marks the return of the ice/snow storm to Atlanta! Granted it wasn’t as brutal as 93, it was still just as fun.
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Party like it was 1999… 11 years ago

Every New Years, something seems to come up that just screams “let’s out do the previous year!” This year was no exception. The only thing about that was that the out doing of last year wasn’t the amount of drinks one could consume, or the extravagant explosions, it was the the sheer happiness with the place I am in my life. Well, we did have some explosions (SJ has the video to prove it) and there was a good deal of drinks to be had (I have the pics to prove that), but we also had peace and happiness and a ton of love. SJ and I are getting married in 3 months and the holiday’s put us through the ringer. From driving here and there to illness to what should Santa bring this year to a new “puppy”, we had a lot on our plates. Through all that we remained strong and in love as ever.
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