I no longer need an alarm

Lane has decided that regardless of the previous nights bedtime, he needs to get up some time between 5:15 and 5:45 on most days. Today he came and got us at 5:20. Though I am happy he is sleeping well in his big boy bed and no longer needs a diaper or pull-up, I do wish he would master the art of sleeping just a little bit later.

Honestly it really was fine when Jess was in school since I needed to be up that early to get the day going anyway. But now that summer is here and we have the luxury of taking our time in the morning, a little more sleepy time would be nice. Also, it is much easier to make coffee and breakfast and prepare a lunch to-go while not juggling a 2 year olds want need to “help” with everything.

Still it’s all good cause it means my little guy is growing up. He’s curious and playful and honestly he does do a good job of helping when you want him to. And helping us means that he’s still learning more things. How to stir eggs or where things are in the kitchen or problem solve are skills he’s picking up with ease.

So bring on the early mornings with Lane, cause they will soon be replaced with early mornings with T5. Then I’ll wonder where the time went.