2011 – Let’s review

2011 started off like any other year, with a wicked ice storm that pretty much shut down the whole state of Georgia. We made the best of it and actually had a really great time. We wouldn’t get that kind of ice/snow again for the rest of the year. I’m actually hoping that we get one again, only this time we’ll have a lil’ baby with us.

February brought us Gracie. A Great Dane that would put us to the test.

Neither one of us had ever owned such a beast. She was one of the sweetest and happy dogs ever, but damn was she a handful. After many ‘discussions’ we finally decided to find another home for her. Luckily I was able to find a nice lady that lived on a farm, a real one night the typical ‘dog farm’. Off to a better home Gracie went and I’m sure she is much happier now.

March ushered in some Spring little league for Chase. He really got into the ‘swing’ of things and enjoyed himself.

Honestly it was a lot of fun. We got to meet some new people and Chase had a lot of fun. I don’t think the Mudcat’s won that many games, but it didn’t really matter to him, he just wanted to play.

I don’t think much happened in April. Well… I mean Chase did get to go a Wrestlemania Art show, meet a bunch of wrestlers and then go to the actual PPV. Oh, and there was Tax Day. Hmm… something else happened… Oh that’s right, WE GOT MARRIED!!!! It was a wonderfully magic wedding. Everything we had hope for. I got to finally call the love of my life my bride, and it was the beginning of our forever. The honeymoon was in Vegas, and well… and we know good and well what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. In addition to finding out we were pregnant (but really what could top that) we spent the May kinda floating around in happiness and bliss.

Every summer we like to take a family vacation, and a pregnancy this year wasn’t going to slow us down. For the 2011 Summer Vacation we decided it would be a lot of fun to head to Disney! We loaded up the car and drove down to the most magical place on earth. Chase had never been and neither Jess nor I had been in SEVERAL years so it worked out perfectly. It wasn’t easy for Jess with the heat and the walking plus being pregnant, but we made it. It was a great vacation and a birthday I don’t think Chase will ever forget.

The rest of the summer went on by, carrying with the ups and downs of being pregnant. We found out we were having a boy and man, that made me excited. I was the last male Turner and to be able to continue the name, meant a lot to me.

As August rolled around we started getting read to go back to school, and doing just normal family things. Chase was doing great and really getting into the spirit of being an older brother. He was helping around the house and he just felt a little more grown up. October would creep upon us before we knew it and in addition to me getting a new car and turning 32 it started to really sink in that I was going to be a daddy, very soon.

Between Halloween and right now it’s all kind of a blur. It’s as if time sped up and didn’t really wait. We had our first, and second baby shower and started getting the nursery ready. Baby clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, all of it started coming in and every time we would get something new it would sink in just a bit more how soon this bundle of joy would be here. Lane’s nursery looked fantastic and in no time at all everything was in its right place and we could start getting ready for the holidays.

Baby Lane's Room
Baby Lane's Room

Our Christmas tree was up BEFORE Thanksgiving, and the house was all set and ready to go. We made our rounds to friends and family. Did the gift exchanges and then it was Christmas day at the Turner household. I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday season. My wife was glowing with that baby glow, Chase was happy and doing all the big brother things and I was doing everything I can to make the house and my wife ready for this baby.

In contrast to the rest of the year, this past week has been filled with lots of taking it slow. Everything we could possibly do to be prepared for Lane, we have done. The bags are packed, the car seat is in, clothes washed and put away, house is secure, etc. You name it, we’ve done it. Now all we need is for Lane to come home.

It’s been such a wonderful year. I’m sure I left things out, but it’s all good. They say that the first year of marriage is the toughest thing you’ll go through other than the 9 months your wife is pregnant. Well, I’ve done both at the same time and I’m more in love now than the day I got married and I don’t see signs of this ever stopping.

That's my boy!
That's my boy!

Thanks for all the memories 2011, but it’s time for 2012!


We’re Ready! 38 Weeks….

Here I am at 38 weeks. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and stop for a quick…”woah”…then move along. It’s still kinda surreal to me that in the very, very near future we are going to have a tiny human in this house, but we couldn’t be more ready! One day after Christmas and you’d never know it was here. Everything is packed up and in the attic until next year. Closets have been cleaned out and new toys/clothes are put away. Grad school is completely DONE! Just waiting on a final grade on my portfolio and I can officially say I’ve finished my Master’s. School’s out until next week for Chase, and until April for me! One last minute trip to Target today and my bag is packed for the hospital. Just need to throw a few more things in there once it’s go time! I can not think of a single thing more we could do to be ready for this lil guy….except wait. Which I’m not great at…but I’m trying. I did a bit of walking today to try to get things moving, but I think he’s pretty snug in there. What I don’t want is to go to 40 weeks, only to end up having a c section anyway, but there’s just a few things in life i can’t have control of…no matter how much I’d like to. For now I just want to enjoy this next week or so, relax a bit, and enjoy what’s left of this pregnancy. Here I am at 38 weeks! Yikes!! 🙂

A Very Sniper Christmas

Look what Santa left for Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone, though not by much. The tree is still up, there’s still remnants of wrapping paper, bows, and tape lying around. The ‘new car’ smell on all the toys is still there, but the actual day has passed. That by no means, indicates that all the joy and happiness of the season has moved on as well.

Chase is off at his dad’s, playing with his toys there while his other pile awaits him here. Jess and I both are enjoying each other’s company and all the wonderful things ‘Santa’ has brought us. We had a very modest Christmas this year, especially when compared to years past. No extravagant over the top, out-doing each other. We kept it simple, because stirring around in Jess’ belly is the greatest gift we could have possibly gotten this season. With Lane on the way we knew it would be a whirlwind of going here and there, doctors appointments, late nights, early mornings, feeding, pooping, and all the things that come with having a newborn in the house. We have done everything we can to get ready, and now that Christmas has come and gone we are ready.

This house has been filled with the highest of highs, and some of the lowest of lows the past few weeks. The stress of the season plus the preparations to get things ready for Lane has certainly taken its toll on this family, but we have weathered through it. We have grown stronger and closer with each passing day. Lane doesn’t know it yet, but he has made this family stronger. Chase and I are now closer than we’ve ever been. Jess and I are a lot more understanding and patient with one another, and we, as a family are generally a lot more open and happy with each other. In a few short weeks we will have a little one to care for. A baby that was born from two people who love each other more than they ever thought possible.

This Christmas I have received the greatest gift of all, my family. It is growing in size and happiness and love, and what more could I possibly ask for. Well a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time would be nice. But then again, I’d probably shoot my eye out.

36 weeks!!!!

Only one week away from a full term baby! We are so close to meeting this little guy and everything’s coming together. One more week of work and grad school then I am DONE! Most days I feel great. I have a cold, and some days I feel like he could just fall right out, but overall I feel calm. And happy. And ready. Things are going to be so different but it’s a big change I’m ready for. Chase and Ben have been amazingly helpful these past few weeks also. Here’s a pic from this week. Sleepy and swollen, but happy and smiling. 🙂