We’re Ready! 38 Weeks….

Here I am at 38 weeks. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and stop for a quick…”woah”…then move along. It’s still kinda surreal to me that in the very, very near future we are going to have a tiny human in this house, but we couldn’t be more ready! One day after Christmas and you’d never know it was here. Everything is packed up and in the attic until next year. Closets have been cleaned out and new toys/clothes are put away. Grad school is completely DONE! Just waiting on a final grade on my portfolio and I can officially say I’ve finished my Master’s. School’s out until next week for Chase, and until April for me! One last minute trip to Target today and my bag is packed for the hospital. Just need to throw a few more things in there once it’s go time! I can not think of a single thing more we could do to be ready for this lil guy….except wait. Which I’m not great at…but I’m trying. I did a bit of walking today to try to get things moving, but I think he’s pretty snug in there. What I don’t want is to go to 40 weeks, only to end up having a c section anyway, but there’s just a few things in life i can’t have control of…no matter how much I’d like to. For now I just want to enjoy this next week or so, relax a bit, and enjoy what’s left of this pregnancy. Here I am at 38 weeks! Yikes!! 🙂

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