Moving on up!

The Château de Turner

In lieu fo going back several months and doing all sorts of updates, I’ll simply use this day as an opportunity to move forward, or in our case… north!

Let’s go back a few months. This summer was a hot one. The heat was unbearable, there was nothing really awesome to do around the house, and the Turner’s had a few misfortunes that set things back. All this coupled with yet another year in the ever shrinking house that we were occupying and we started to feel a little out of place. We always knew that we would be moving at some point. After all, our family is growing, but the house we’re in as well as this town are not. Like I’ve told many of our friends, this one horse town doesn’t even have a horse anymore. So as the months went on we perused through listings of houses, dreamed of bigger spaces for our kids and better overall surroundings to continue this amazing family.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I reached out to a real estate agent that helped me sell my old house back in Powder Springs (thank God she came along when she did) and enlisted her to help us track down the perfect house. Well, low and behold it only took us about 3 weeks and we found what we thought was the house! But it was too soon… it… no, it was only October. We had a plan. A plan that didn’t have us moving until next year. Possibly not even until the school year was up. We didn’t have the savings account built up enough, we didn’t have all our ducks in a row, we didn’t even have ducks! But like any adventure, we went and walked through the house. Well… it was not THE house. It was nice, had a pool, hot tub, great area out back to entertain, decent schools, sturdy build, and some potential. But the more we thought about it, the less we liked it. This was a good thing, cause we surely were not ready to buy a house yet.

Well, that was until we found ANOTHER perfect house. Again, we scheduled a walk through and as luck would have it, this was the house. We simply could not believe what we were looking at. It was almost like that house in property brothers that they show people to kinda shell shock them into what they can/can’t afford. Well, that was not the case with this house. Not only did it have everything we could possibly want in the house, but it had great schools, a fine neighborhood, it was close to my family and a better commute for me. Granted the commute for Jess royally sucks, it was only temporary. Oh, and the price… UNDER our budget! Our agent suggested we put an offer on it that day. What?! No… this isn’t right. We JUST looked at this thing and she wants us to put an offer on it? Nah, we’re good. But, this is the house we thought. So we did. Oh a whim, we put an offer on the house!

Like any good initial offer it was lower than it should be. We didn’t expect to hear anything back for a while, but we got a call back the SAME night with a counter offer. Oh snap! This thing is really moving forward faster than we thought. Well, “unfortunately” the counter offer was still a great price and actually was about where we wanted things to be in the first place. But we through back one more offer just to see if it would stick, and as of last night, the offer has been accepted!!

So as of today, Jess and I are in the process of closing on this house in less than 30 days!!! We held off on telling people that we had put an offer since we weren’t sure if it would even be accepted. Hell, until Sunday afternoon we weren’t even considering buying a house this soon.

Its been a whirlwind past few days, but it’ll be worth it. We finally have the house we’ve always wanted. It may be several months ahead of schedule, but that’s part of the adventure. We will have Christmas at our new house. Our kids will come down the steps and see the tree lit up and Santa will have brought them all kinds of what-nots. We’ll have a fire going in our new fire place, Jess will be in the kitchen cooking me a delicious breakfast while I sit in on the couch. She’ll then clean our huge kitchen as I continue to lounge around in our home that is our very own. When the kids have wore themselves out from playing with the toys, or simply pooping in Lane’s case, then Jess will make us some lunch and we will watch some TV in our living room… or the huge master bedroom. Either way and no matter what, we’ll be in our new home.

This story is only just beginning. We have a few more hurdles to get over in the next few days, but that’s all part of the process. I am happier and more in love than I have ever been in my life. I have everything a man could want, beautiful and wonderful wife, 2 handsome and sweet boys, a job that I enjoy going to every day, a home for my family to continue to grow in, and peace of mind knowing that all the work over the years has brought me to this place. That it didn’t come easy and without struggle, but it happened.

Sappy bits over, back to the goods! Did you see that house?! I mean… it’s like a friggin’ mansion! Three stories, a spot for a gym, a fireplace, gas stove…. what?!!! Cooking on a gas stove is teh rox! A yard to do my yarding, a pool for us to get our swim on! Bam! Hotness!!

Check out the pics from the listing of the house. Or don’t cause I know I’ve looked at them a million times so it doesn’t matter to me!

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