Laziness and leftovers….

This house has been pjs, leftovers, ps3 playing, and complete laziness for three days now. It’s been SO nice. I’m not sure when the next time will come when we have so little to do. Maybe Xmas break…unless lil BLT makes his arrival earlier than planned!!

Also, when you’re sick of leftovers, create something new! Tonight we had white bean turkey chili and mashed potato cakes and they were perfect! Back to work and school tomorrow. I’m hoping chases fever will break tonight, and the next 18 work days will fly by and be nice and calm. 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

We made enough food to feed 20! Here’s the spread.

Turkey. (20 pounder!)
Chorizo cornbread stuffing
Green beans with bacon
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Corn casserole
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie
Butterscotch bourbon pecan bread pudding with a bourbon syrup.

Then. Sandy brought Mac n cheese, rolls, tea, pecan pie, and banana pudding.

Yup. There were FOUR of us. Chase was with his dad and my family doesn’t really gather for holidays anymore. We will be eating leftovers for days. I think all the cooking and eating has us hungover today. We been on the couch being lazier than ever, but I’ve LOVED having these past few days at home with the boys. The tree is up and the house is decorated. With a little over 6 weeks until I’m due, “chill” is going to be the word the rest of this holiday season. Though I probably should start shopping soon. !

Here’s a sneak of my sexy husband and our bird, “Tom”. Happy Turkey Day!!


Only a few more weeks!

We are literally counting down the weeks and before we know it, it’ll be days. Lane is moving around quite a but these days, he seems to be most active when SJ is singing Adele. Maybe we’ll have a little singer on our hands. Not sure if he’s into Skrillex yet, but we’ll see.

So now we just have about 7 more weeks until there is this tiny baby in the house. Jess has had the ‘joy’ of carrying him around for the past several months and I can’t wait to share in on that. We got some family/maternity pictures done and it’ll be fun to look back on those when Lane is older. We’ll get the pics posted soon. For now we’re just making our way through the holidays. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we have a lot of food we’ll be cooking. The smells and sounds and happiness from the holidays is upon us. I’m excited to be in the kitchen cooking with my family.

Speaking of cooking with my family, I reckon I better get in there and get to it! Pics and videos soon!!

Still the exception….

Some days I look around and just see sadness. Families and marriages are falling apart, health is temporary, people disappoint you and loved ones die. As I bring another little soul into this world it scares me to pieces that things won’t always go the way I hope, and all I’m doing is adding another piece to the complicated puzzle.

I know life’s never gonna be perfect, but during times when things are rough I remember my husband’s pre wedding words. “We are the exception”. He said these in response to my fears about having another failed marriage and plowing through trust issues. We are not immune from heartache or disappointment or failure. But, we are the exception because we will not let this life’s inevitable darkness break us. Not as individuals, or as a couple, or as parents.

My family is the exception. This is my choice. It’s a great place to be in as we get ready for Lane to arrive. 🙂

This zen post was brought to you by taco night, my amazing bath tub, and the number 32. (only “8” weeks left!!)

Lane’s Shower!

Somehow I am already 31 weeks! Where has the time gone?? The holidays will be here soon and I am so ready to enjoy some great food, family, and finish getting ready for little Lane’s arrival. Of course I’m already prepared….just need a few last minute things. We are already pretty stocked, thanks to an awesome baby shower thrown by my bff Heather this weekend. It was co-ed and ended with chili and football. I need to get some final shots of the nursery posted. I went with an owl theme and it’s turning out SO cute. I’ve been feeling really, really great lately and I can’t wait to meet Lane! I hate that we didn’t get many pictures of all the guests, but here’s a few highlights from the shower!