Still the exception….

Some days I look around and just see sadness. Families and marriages are falling apart, health is temporary, people disappoint you and loved ones die. As I bring another little soul into this world it scares me to pieces that things won’t always go the way I hope, and all I’m doing is adding another piece to the complicated puzzle.

I know life’s never gonna be perfect, but during times when things are rough I remember my husband’s pre wedding words. “We are the exception”. He said these in response to my fears about having another failed marriage and plowing through trust issues. We are not immune from heartache or disappointment or failure. But, we are the exception because we will not let this life’s inevitable darkness break us. Not as individuals, or as a couple, or as parents.

My family is the exception. This is my choice. It’s a great place to be in as we get ready for Lane to arrive. 🙂

This zen post was brought to you by taco night, my amazing bath tub, and the number 32. (only “8” weeks left!!)

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