Only a few more weeks!

We are literally counting down the weeks and before we know it, it’ll be days. Lane is moving around quite a but these days, he seems to be most active when SJ is singing Adele. Maybe we’ll have a little singer on our hands. Not sure if he’s into Skrillex yet, but we’ll see.

So now we just have about 7 more weeks until there is this tiny baby in the house. Jess has had the ‘joy’ of carrying him around for the past several months and I can’t wait to share in on that. We got some family/maternity pictures done and it’ll be fun to look back on those when Lane is older. We’ll get the pics posted soon. For now we’re just making our way through the holidays. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we have a lot of food we’ll be cooking. The smells and sounds and happiness from the holidays is upon us. I’m excited to be in the kitchen cooking with my family.

Speaking of cooking with my family, I reckon I better get in there and get to it! Pics and videos soon!!

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