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Chase is probably one of the biggest wresting fans on the planet right now. He watches it every week, has a million “wrestle guys”, knows all the names, has shirts, and hats, and posters, and is pretty much all about some WWE. For Christmas he was fortunate enough to get some Wrestlemania tickets. This was the first time in the 27 years of the PPV that it has ever been to Atlanta. I wanted to go super bad, but the joy it would bring him was well worth it for me to not.

The months to the show turned into weeks, the weeks turned into days and eventually it was less than a week away from the show. The wrestlers were in town, and Atlanta was buzzing with all things Wrestlemania. Every radio station was having some sort of contest to win something. Whether it be tickets to the show, tickets to RAW the next day, signed posters, DVDs, you name it, something was up for grabs. Well, SJ just so happened to be friends with someone or follow a company on Facebook that was giving away tickets to the Wrestlemania Art show at the Fox. It seemed like a pretty easy contest: Come up with the best wrestler name and post it on their page. The user with the most “likes” would get tickets. We weren’t gonna be beat by this, so we thought for a bit and eventually came up with Chase “The Face” Malley! We then pimped out the page to everyone we could. There was another guy in contention, but eventually he bowed out so Chase could have the tickets. Eventually we won, and Chase and I were all set to go see some artwork.

I was pretty excited about the opportunity. After reading up on the actual event I realized that a lot good handful of the wrestlers would actually be there. People like Jerry “The King” Lawler to Booker T., there were some pretty cool guys there. The tickets we won were VIP so we got some pretty good access to the event. So good in fact that we got to actually walk up, talk to, get autographs from, and get pictures with everyone there! Chase and an amazing time. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to experience something like that again, I hope he does but for that night, the kid was on top of the world.

So that was our awesome experience. A few days later Wrestlemania actually happened and away he went. He got to experience all the majesty and grandeur that is a live WWE event. I know he had a wonderful time and I know he’s already itching to go to another show. We’ll have to see when the next thing is that we can go to. I love that kid and anything we can do to bring him happiness like that, I’m in. SJ and I hung at the house with some friends and watched the show live. Some of them followed wrestling, some not so much. It was a good little gathering and makes me eager to fire up the grill, put some music on, and just have people over to hang out. This summer can’t get here fast enough.

Here’s some pics from the nights event:
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