It’s the little things

Like little tiny toes and fingers and a yawn, that make it all worth it. Last Friday we went for our first official sonogram. It was the first time we got to see Jr. BLT really moving around. We got to see all his little baby parts and they were all perfect. For me, all I could do was sit there in awe. Here was this little baby, growing inside of my wife. He was so wonderful. He seemed in bliss and just happy to be right where he was. I wanted to hold him, but was ok with him being tucked away safely for the next few months.

Below are some pics of Lane in all his baby glory. I’ve not seen his face yet, but I know he is going to be beautiful and amazing.

This post was originally made back in Sept, and I’ve yet to get around to actually uploading the photos. That doesn’t change the fact that my little boy is still safe, and warm, and kickin’ like a soccer player. I’ve had the joy of feeling him move around in SJ’s belly and it brings me to such a happy place. I can just picture him squirming around, being all baby like and happy. We got his room set up and I know I’ll be spending many hours in there with him, cleaning up poop, sleeping, doing my best to get him back to sleep at 2am, and all the things that come with being a father to a newborn.

I can’t wait. My life is changing, and it’s all for the better.

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