Occupy Me!

With all the talk of “Occupy Wallstreet” and “1 percenters” and iPhones, I thought I would take some time to talk about what occupies me.

In a typical day, I’ll wear clothes from Banana Republic or Target or maybe some other random store I’ve shopped at. Some times I wear shorts and a t-shirt, sometimes I wear jeans and a nice shirt. I drink coffee from Starbucks or maybe Folgers that I brewed at home. On Friday’s I go with my family to a gas station to get what we call “Zombie Biscuits” from an old lady who is there 6 days a week serving food to truckers, teachers, and business people. I drive my GMC Terrain into the city and get approximately 19.5 miles to the gallon. I pass a dozen or so people who are homeless as well as people in suits. I listen to Spotify on my iPhone 3Gs today, but tomorrow it’ll be on my iPhone 4s.

While at work I use the computer my company provided. This is the same computer that my wife also uses at home for doing her grad school work. Sometimes for lunch I have leftovers from the night before, some times I go to Subway and Eat Fresh, other times I let the company pay for my over priced kobe beef hamburger at a local steak house. In a typical 9 hour day, I cram in about 7 hours of work. The other 2 hours I’m eating lunch, peeing, or just chatting with co-workers who are sharing the same typical day as me. Some days I work late, and other days I head out early to beat the traffic, but I always hop on line later to check in. I work when I get home, when I’m on the road, on the weekends, and while on vacation. But I also think about my family 24/7, regardless of work.

After work I go to the gym, or go to my son’s ball game/practice, or maybe I go get dinner at La Parilla, or Olive Garden, or some other chain restaurant. Most of the time I have dinner that my wife cooked using the groceries we bought the weekend before. After dinner, we watch the shows that are on the DVR and skip all the commercials. Some times I play World of Warcraft, some times I play the Wii or PS3 with our son. Regardless of what we do, we are together.

The next day, I repeat my routine… or maybe I switch it up a bit. Maybe I work from home.

In the end, I am mainly concerned about the wellbeing of my family. They occupy me. I don’t really care about Wallstreet or big corporations or anything beyond the scope of my day. I know there are families in other countries, states, cities, houses, that are struggling, but I refuse to give up that which provides for my family. I wish the best for all the others in the world. I want the best for everyone, but I also want the best for me. I will continue to work and push upwards get the things I need and want.

So that’s that. My family occupies me. I occupy me.

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