I need a hobby

Everyone has things they enjoy doing. Whether it’s snow boarding, bear wrangling, knitting, or deep sea fishing, people generally just like being active. For me the things that I enjoy doing are going to the gym (or exercise in general), cooking, and/or doing something with my hands. I really like the process of taking nothing or raw materials and creating a finished product. I don’t claim to be the best cook or most prolific builder, but I give it my all when I get into it. Over the past few months work has started to creep into my life more and more, thus taking away time to do other things I enjoy.

This post was started a few months ago, and I never got around to publishing it. Some might say that I found a hobby. Lately my life has been full of the things I enjoy doing. Certainly work has come into play, but now I find myself doing more a more of the things I love to do, cooking, building things, spending time with my family, etc.

With the baby on the way, there is always something to be done. Whether it’s building a bookcase, or painting, or baby-proofing the house, there is no shortage of stuff to do. This week in fact we’ve put together the crib, and got it all set up. We hung a vinyl decal on the wall, and today I finished a bookcase that I built. Not something I simply put together, but I built it. I love getting things ready for the baby’s room. Jess is doing all the hard work with growing the little fella, so the least I can do is paint and build things to make it more cozy for the pair of them when he arrives. Chase has also been a huge help! He was out there with me, cutting wood, sanding, and painting. It was great to get to work with him in the garage, and I know he enjoyed it a lot too.

So that’s that. I’ve been busy around the house with yard sales, cooking (made my favorite Brisket Chili w/ Butternut Squash last night), building, and just enjoying life. Fall is my favorite season, and this one especially has got me loving life more than I could have ever imagined.

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