Party like it was 1999… 11 years ago

Every New Years, something seems to come up that just screams “let’s out do the previous year!” This year was no exception. The only thing about that was that the out doing of last year wasn’t the amount of drinks one could consume, or the extravagant explosions, it was the the sheer happiness with the place I am in my life. Well, we did have some explosions (SJ has the video to prove it) and there was a good deal of drinks to be had (I have the pics to prove that), but we also had peace and happiness and a ton of love. SJ and I are getting married in 3 months and the holiday’s put us through the ringer. From driving here and there to illness to what should Santa bring this year to a new “puppy”, we had a lot on our plates. Through all that we remained strong and in love as ever.

Our NYE celebration started off with dinner at Rathbuns Steak. Neither one of us had ever been there, and since we both love steak, it was the perfect choice. We had, hand’s down… the best steak in the history of the planet. The thing is, that’s kind of a given at a place like this. What made it even better was the sides. It’s like you can get a good steak anywhere, you can get an exceptional steak at a few places (this being one of them), but the sides are what set’s it apart. We had some brussel sprouts and grits. An odd combo, but it worked. Everything was simply amazing. Cooked perfectly, the perfect proportions, and wonderful. Great way to start off the evening.

After dinner we headed over to our friends Kit and Bob’s house. There were a few other people there and it was the perfect little gathering. Nothing too over the top and crazy, but just the right mix of people, drinks, dogs, pool, darts, and explosions. Eventually it got late, then later, then REAL late. Seizing this opportunity we all piled in Jess’ car (about 6 people in a car designed to hold 4) and headed to the Waffle House. There really is no better first meal of 2011 than something, anything, from a Waffle House. The service was a bit on the slow side due to the fact that they were tending to the onslaught of strippers and thugs, but eventually some of us got our food. Shortly after, however a skirmish broke out between one of the cooks and one or more of the patrons. We really have no clue how it started but we do know that the cops eventually showed up and it was something to behold. Strippers and their “boyfriends” on one end of the place, “gangstas” somewhere in the middle, Waffle House employees with cutlery in hand over here, and the most rag-tag bunch of rapscallion white folks you’ve ever seen huddled in the corner. It was a visit to the WH I shall never forget.

After that, we headed home and quickly retreated to our slumber. The next day was spent tooling around the house, sleeping off our adventures. Over the next few days we got the house whipped into a level 5 cleanliness, built some shelves and organized the garage, sewed some new pants for me, and generally reminisced at the amazing past few weeks we’d had. It was the best way possible to end 2010 and I couldn’t think of another way I’d want to kick off 2011.

I’ve found the person that I truly love and want to be with for the rest of my life. I got to share yet another adventure with her and am now counting the days until she’s my wife. Somehow, despite the craziness of last year, the year before last, and so on, manage to “out do” the previous year… ten fold.

The pics:
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