“Get out of my butthole”

Oh the things kids say these days! That’s just a small sample of the wonders that Lane continues to utter these days. For instance, yesterday he and Jess were getting his hair cut when he walked over to a table where there was a tea pot and some plates out and Lane said “oh, some one was having a tea party!” He then proceeded to have his own tea party. The other day while pooping he had a little nugget in the toilet and he says “look out little poop, big poop is coming for you!” And he promptly dropped a giant turd into the toilet.

He really does have a fantastic imagination. He’ll sit and play with his “friends” (various Lego or Mickey Mouse figures) and make them interact with one another and go on adventures. Having never really been around a lot of kids, I’m not sure if that’s just totally the norm or if he’s like inventing new things that have never been seen by mankind. My guess is that it falls somewhere in between.

Speaking of this weekend and things our kid has done, I went to an open casting call for Survivor!! Being on the show is something I’ve wanted to do since the second season. I’ve sent in videos and applications in the past, but this was an opportunity to actually be in front of someone who makes the decisions! It was a fun and nerve-racking experience. After leaving all I could think about were things I wish I had said. Things I could have said differently or anything to really put myself over. We only had about 5 minutes to answer 4 questions that we didn’t know ahead of time. So it was all off the cuff responses. I have no idea how I actually did, but my gut is telling me that I didn’t stand out enough. With that being said, I can always still apply online. I will most likely make a video this week and submit another application. Never hurts to keep on trying! After all, I gotta make them dolla bills!!IMG_5546.JPG
Oh and there was this guy…

What’s on the telly

If you’ve read any of my bloggin’s over the past several years, you know that I love me some TV. Some of it is rather bad (like America’s Next Top Model), some of it is pretty decent (such as Heroes), and then there are shows that are pretty much the best thing around (LOST for example). Right now there are a few shows on that I needed to voice my opinion about.
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