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If you’ve read any of my bloggin’s over the past several years, you know that I love me some TV. Some of it is rather bad (like America’s Next Top Model), some of it is pretty decent (such as Heroes), and then there are shows that are pretty much the best thing around (LOST for example). Right now there are a few shows on that I needed to voice my opinion about.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians

For starters, this season of Survivor is turning out to be one of my favorites in a while. Let’s go through some of the cast.

  • Candice: I don’t remember her from the first time she was on, and I forget about her 10 secs after she talks now.
  • James: Why thank you James for personally providing us with this great ocean and the trees. You have bestowed your presence upon us, and we are forever grateful. Oh, and thank you for also being a total ass.
  • JT: Pick a side/story and stick with it. Otherwise you’re gonna blow the 2nd million.
  • Boston Rob: I’m gonna be nice, black out, have an epiphany that I should be bad again, win a challenge, then just kinda fade away.
  • Russell: I don’t think you’re as good as you think you think other people think you are.
  • Rupert: Did you ever actually leave the island or have you just been living there all along?
  • Coach: Jess said it best last night. “Coach can suck my d*ck!” She’s right, but I don’t thing he would, unless he thought it was honorable and just and/or a dragon.

I’m not gonna go through the rest of the cast just yet. I have my opinions of each of them, but I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks. Who’s gonna win? Who’s going home next? How does Colby keep his teeth so white? Do you think anyone would notice if Courtney were to just leave?


Ok, so other than Survivor, we are hard core on LOST. This is the final season and it’s promises to answer all our questions. I’m not sure if they are answering questions that we have now due to all the new characters OR if they are going to try and go back and answer all the questions we’ve had for 6 years. Like… why did the SmokeLockeMonster kill Mr. Eko? The gaggle of people that AREN’T the Oceanic 6 + Sawyer and Jin…where are they? Did SmokeLocke kill them? Is Rose ok? What about Hippy Translator and Samurai guy? What’s their story? How many more structures are they going to find? Hey, it’s a huge temple…and a Lighthouse…and a casino….and a Super Wal-Mart. At some point they’re going to have to just get the writers, producers, director, etc on the screen and just say “We f’d up. We have no idea where this story is going.” Or just be like “So the 48 people that were on the plane just kinda died in a horrible fire and they also had no back story or desire to get off the island.” I dunno, I’d just like for them to unravel the mystery a bit more swiftly. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the show and if it were to continue beyond this season, I’d be ok with that. I’m just sayin.

Jess has got me watching American Idol, but I have to say, the “talent” this year is BAD. There are one or two guys that are a total waste, but for the most part it is uncomfortable to watch these people up there. I see Andrew Garcia, Lee somethingoranother, Longhair McDirtyBlonde, and Shorty Youngenstein going far…but beyond that I have no idea. We’ve also been watching Grey’s Anatomy and I’m not gonna say that I’m hooked yet, but I really enjoy the show. Heroes had their season finale a few weeks back and I wasn’t overly impressed. It seems that Sylar is now a good bad good good bad guy now…good. The world knows that Clair can fall on her face and heal up and HRG has once again escaped dying. I do like that show and want to see how it evolves.

We also have been watching Project Runway, Vampire Diaries, and um…that’s about it. My Tivo is full, but come to think of it, there use to be a LOT more shows. What should we be watching? Any suggestions? Thursdays are booked for now, until I can get a second Tivo. What are you guys watching? What’s on that’s good? I miss shows like Top Chef, CSI, Make Me a Supermodel, MacGyver, etc. We’re always on the lookout for something new!

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