If you’ve never been to a Muse show…

Then you’ve probably never breathed air. Last night was the Muse show at the Gwinnett Arena and I have to say that it was in my top 3 of all time concerts (Michale Jackson at the Omni is #1). Granted I’ve not been to that many, but DAMN! Jess and I have been waiting on this show for a long time. Ever since we saw them open for U2, we knew we had to see them again. Having them headline was definitely the best.

To get ready for the show we took it easy the night before so we’d be well rested for Saturday night. Jess went to a job fair, while I stayed home and cleaned. We hit up the mall to get some new clothes and generally stayed chill all day. Around 4, Kim and James came by and we hit up some sushi, then it was off to the show.

The show it self was amazing. Muse always puts on a good show, and this was no exception. From the lights to the sound to everything, it was an unforgettableĀ  evening. I can’t wait to see them again.

Muse – Arena at the Gwinnett Center:
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Muse – New Born (live):

Muse – Guiding Light (live)