Time’s a changing!

And so is the bloggins. For the past several years, SniperBear.net has been dedicated to the life and times of Jess and I, and our growing family. Posts would range from new additions to the family to vacations to struggles with putting together furniture and even CrossFit. However, now that our family is complete it’s time to move things over to a new blog. So with that, I will now be posting over at Turner5.us. I feel the new blog, at least in name, represents the family as a whole now. Where as before, with SniperBear it was more of the beginning and middle of Jess’ and I’s journey as we started a family. I consider it the prologue to the full story. At Turner5.us, it’ll mostly be the same format, but hopefully posts will come in more frequently. I want to really capture the life of my family. Life isn’t all rainbows and kitten and uni-horses, there are struggles and aches and days when things are stains. But for every bad day there are countless good ones. Long nights lead to longer days, or maybe they don’t.

So that’s that. I may come back here and post from time to time, but my focus will be over at the new site. I’ll still post about CrossFit and end up making posts will a few manhattan’s into the evening, but that’s all part of being a dad to 3 wonderful boys and a husband to an amazing wife.

Thanks for sticking with us for the past 4+ years!

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