Patio furniture can kiss my ass

Ok, so let me start off with a few words of advice. Um… First off don’t try to put together patio furniture and finish a bottle of tequila. It will never end well. Secondly don’t try to make a post on your phone ith not 2% battery. That is unless you have your a charger and some autocorrect.
So here’s wheat happened. Basically, we got home from work toda y and Iade some nachos. Thera weren’t your standard nachos, but paleo nachos. By that I mean, no cheese, no beans and some sweet potato chips for the chips. I used butternut squadron as the refrained beans and it has chicken and taco meat. That was pretty much it except for the rotelle and jalepenos and hot sauce. After the nachos I found out that Jess had pink eye. I had to find out from her what all that entailed because I have never had that. It doesn’t sound lie the most awesome thing to ever have. So hopeful she doesn’t have it too bad. Like at all would be clutch.
Second up. Was the patio furniture. Basically we bought a table and some chairs and it came in the other day. The first 7 or 12 chairs went pretty well but then there was one brat was a pain in my ass! I mean like literally, I worked on it for like 10 days!! Eventually u got it done and we are now ready to rick the block with this patios shiz!
Anywhoots, I just wanted to make apost about how today is the day that we got our back porch from zero to A. I’ll post some pics when I can find the time… aka will.

On that note, deuces!! Happy Columbus, aka typical white guy, day!!

2 thoughts on “Patio furniture can kiss my ass”

  1. Well… it mostly just FELT like 12 chairs. It was really only 6. Also, I should get in the habit of doing these more often. Well…. maybe. 🙂

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