“Labor” day 2K14

This weekend was one for the books. Well, around these parts, virtually every weekend is for the books. But still, it really was a great weekend around the Turner household.

While our friends were off galavanting around town for Dragon*Con Jess and I were busy getting things ready for the baby shower. We really just kinda tackled some long over due projects and got stuff done. In fact, I was able to unload my gym equipment and further get the basement ready for finishing. It still has light years to go, but it certainly is well on its way.

We did manage to get some book cases and shelves painted and ready for Jack’s room. I have to say that the nursery is coming along nicely. We’ve only got about 10 weeks left, but we are about as prepared as possible.

So that was pretty much it. Really a GSDW (get shit done weekend) around the house. Lane was a fantastic listener and when Chase got home he was all about playtime with his older brother.

I really appreciate these sort of weekends where we are able to get a ton of stuff done in a short amount of time. It felt like only yesterday that I was driving home from work trying to avoid all the craziness downtown. I’m glad we got a bunch of stuff done and really am ready for Jack. It’s going to be a fast 9 weeks, that’s for sure.