A Sniper kind of love….

Our house has been floating in the clouds lately, and I’m soaking in every.single.bit of the joy I can. The stressful part of work is nearing an end. My students will finish testing next week and we can all breath a little easier and enjoy learning a bit more. 🙂 SB’s work is super busy right now, but he’s gotten a promotion and a raise and he really does seem to love what he does.  And he’s SO good at it. It makes me proud of him and motivates me to be more passionate about my job. Also, the wedding plans are pretty much complete! We are only five days away and everything on the to do list is done! We somehow managed to NOT go into debt at all, and I even got over my wardrobe….”snafu”. Everything about this process has been fun. Making favors and finding shoes and jewelry shopping and planning the honeymoon. Knowing that the plans we are making all lead up to a marriage to SB makes me just….well giddy. I generally like to avoid cliches at all costs, but I just don’t care anymore. I am so excited for this wedding, and even more excited for this marriage.  I love the extremely healthy place SB and I are at in our relationship, and I can’t wait to make promises I know we will both keep.  I have no illusions that this love of ours will always be this easy, but I also have no doubt that when it gets hard, and when sometimes shit just sucks, we will mend anything that tries to break us. I believe in us. <3

Did I mention a honeymoon? Yup. Vegas Baby! I have never been and SB is so ready to show me what Sin City has to offer! We have shows and restaurants and tours planned and I’m already wondering if we will need more memory cards for the camera.  I imagine we will have lots more posts in the near future sharing lots of fun and news that our marriage brings. Stay tuned!