What a Winter Break!

I have had the last week off of work and it’s been B.L.I.S.S. With a sick day AND a snow day prefacing it…it feels like Christmas Break all over again. There is SO much to blog about! SB took care of our Vday weekend with his previous post. It really was a magical weekend for us. It was our first Vday that counts, but I truly hope we continue to have weekends like that for a long, long time. 🙂
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Grrrface. That’s what I am right now. I have so many awesome, wonderful things going on in my life, but there’s just one little part to remedy. And what sucks is…it’s where I spend most of my time. When the place you spend 8+ hours a day is making you miserable, something’s got to give! Next week is Winter Break and I fully intend to hit the streets and find something closer to home. Send me good vibes, prayers, whatever it is you do. If not for my sake then for the boys I live with. Bless ’em for putting up with my foul mood for the first hour after I get home. 🙂

Other than the previous, things are great lately! Life has been extremely different lately. The journey to get me where I am now is not a fun one to look back on interesting…but the destination is turning out quite beachy. <3 Also...this weekend is Valentine's Day! I know it can be silly holiday. Why not tell someone you love them EVERY day instead of waiting for a holiday?? I get that...but it's also a great reason to come up with some Special Secret Sniper Plans! I have dinner reserved and the hotel booked. I can't wait to put SniperBen in the car Saturday morning and drive to our secret destination. This is not our first Valentine's Day...but it's the first one that counts. 🙂 The following week is Winter Break! Soooooooooo stoked about that! I am planning a trip to Snow Mountain that week and I’m also gonna start car shopping. I can’t believe poor Ol’ Greg has even made it as long as he has…and my tax money is going towards new wheels so he can finally be put to rest.

So…back to the grrrface. I wonder…what do YOU do to find your happy place at work? Favorite website that makes you smile? Something that gets you through the day? So far…blogging is working ok for me. 🙂