Day two, not so good.

88f9dd28f3d611e28cc022000a9f308d_7 Jess and I have very high expectations of those that watch over our children. Whether its a baby sitter or a school, we want the best for them. Seeing as Lane is our youngest, we were extra cautious when sending him off to school. We didn’t want it to be just a daycare, where he’s watched over by people who are just kinda going through the motions. We needed him to be in an enriched environment where he could learn and grow and be cared for as if it were us there.

Well, at the end of day one, Jess went to get Lane and on the way out his teacher mentioned he had a poop and she had not been able to change it yet. So Jess stayed a little longer so Mrs. Elizabeth could change our babies poop. No telling how long it had been there! Maybe he had it all day. Maybe he literally just shipped his pants, it really didn’t matter to us, all we cared about was that he had a poop when we got there! Also, he only slept for about 30 minutes. This was NOT like our baby. He usually has about a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. So knowing that we’re picking up our tired baby, with a dirty diaper was totally unacceptable.

Day two, things went even further downhill! Around 4:30 Jess got a call from one of the instructors saying that Lane had “fallen and hit his face on the sidewalk”! Oh no!! Jess rushed to the school to find our baby sitting on the playground, crying, with snot and sunscreen smeared all over his face. Also… see the picture at the beginning of this post. He had a huge knot on his forehead and a red spot on his eye and nose. Our little precious baby had been damaged! This place was a torture chamber and how could we possibly send our little angel back to them. What kind of parents would we be?!

Seeing red, Jess called me and told me the story. I rushed home to provide any aid I could. We soothed our baby, told him it would be ok, bashed the school saying that they were terrible and we were going to give them one more shot before possibly pulling our darling little precious prince. After all we were paying them exuberant and copious amounts of our money to provide the BEST for this tiny little innocent angel baby.

By the third day it was getting more and more difficult to drop off Lane in the mornings. It was gut wrenching to just walk away, knowing with 100% certainty that he was in peril the moment we left the building. Around 1:30 Jess got a call from a number she recognized as the school. Oh. Hell. No! This had better not be them saying that our baby was in an ambulance on his way to the ER because of some disaster!! And as it turns out…. it wasn’t. Lane’s teacher had taken the time out of her lunch break to call and let us know that Lane was sleeping and had been for over an hour at that point. He had eaten his chicken sandwich, and some vegetables. He played with the other kids great all morning. He was laughing and running around and having a fantastic morning!

Wait, what?! How can this be?! We knew that this school was going to not work. After TWO FULL DAYS we were certain that it was a terrible decision. Sadly, we were mistaken. In our fit of rage towards the school we had failed to realize that this was an adjustment period for him, for us, and even for the school and both the students and teachers there. Everything was new for the most part. The poopy diaper, could have literally just happened and the teacher may have been about to change Lane right as Jess got there. And once we got more info about the playground incident, we found out that Lane was tired due to not being able to nap in a new environment and had tripped over one of the staff’s feet. Granted they could have provided a bit more care for him (a popsicle, his blankie, taking him to a quiet area, something), but it was not totally their fault. They didn’t shove him down with his hands tied behind his back. He was a rambunctious and tired baby who fell. This will not be the first time he falls and gets hurt. This is not the first time he will cry and want his mommy and daddy.

After that call, our fears and apprehensions towards the school began to lift. We were no longer distraught after dropping him off in the morning. He began to nap and eat better. He came home happy and ready to see us. He was learning things already. We had all began to adjust to the new normal and find the best way to handle things. We were a bit presumptuous in our initial assessment of the school, but now we are comfortable leaving our baby there. He seems to enjoy it more as well.

We made it through the first week and are looking forward to week two. Hopefully the last three days of the week weren’t just another ploy in their overarching scheme to bring demise upon the Turner family. Only time will tell, and we’ll be watching. 🙂

Bath time blog

One of favorite places to be lately is in the tub. It’s quiet, relaxing, and randomly where I feel the most connected to baby T. Since my last rant about pregnancy things have gotten a lot better. Its as if I woke up my second trimester and immediately felt better. I also feel pregnant, finally, and not just fat and boring. I don’t feel movement yet, but it feels like there’s a “presence” in there that makes me calm and makes me smile.

Everything else in my life is leveled out at the moment as well. Friendships, relationship, even my mother…it’s all very calm and normal right now. It’s refreshing.

Chase is bored with summer and so ready to go back to school. I may eat my words, but I’m looking forward to it as well. I could use the distraction and I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year. At least until December! We have an ultrasound scheduled in 2 weeks. Hopefully we will find out then if the girls level the playing field, or if I’m destined to be outnumbered by boys in this life. Exciting!!