Rite Aid!


I finally had one of “those” couponing trips! Here’s the breakdown…

11 tubes of Crest Pro Health @ 2.29
2 coupons @ -1.50
3 coupons @ -1.00
3 coupons @ -1.00 off two
11 SCR @ 1.50
Total = $0.31 profit!

3 Oral B Toothbrushes @ 2.29
3 coupons @ -2.00
3 SCR @ 1.50
Total = $3.63 profit!

3 Gillett Fusion Power Razors @ 8.00
3 coupons @ -4.00
3 SCR @ 4.00
Total = FREE!

I also used a $5 off $20 coupon I got from watching coupons on Rite Aid’s website.

Total price before any savings $56.06
After coupons and rebates +$5.88 PROFIT!!

I just MADE money and will have toothpaste for daaaays! How awesome is that? And kudos to the lady at the Rite Aid in Canton. Double kudos to Britt and Monica at work who helped me get completely hooked on pharmacy deals! Love it!

Joining the Movement!

The coupon movement that is! For some reason couponing has become like a cult in the last few months with my friends! Coupon parties and entire phone conversations surrounding saving money by clipping. I still haven’t made it to a meeting/class…but my friend Heather gave me the cliffnotes on where to get started! Let me tell you…I was a complete skeptic! (Surprise, surprise) Not that it doesn’t work, but that it would work for me. I try to be a low maintenance person…but at the same time I do like organizing a good grocery list! So I tried it. I bought three AJC’s. I clipped coupons for an hour. I spent 2+ hours preparing the list and researching online. I spent over an hour at the store actually shopping to make sure I was getting what was on sale and the right amounts of each thing (and that was with SB helping!) Over 4 hours went into this trip, and it was a success! For me anyway. 🙂 I’m not sure I will ever be one of those $150 worth of food for $26 bucks kinda people, but I saved 70$ on $200 worth of groceries! PLUS…the awesome websites I’ve learned about helped me buy just what was on sale so we got a TON of food.

It really is true what they say about the rush you feel when saving all that money! I’m hopeful that the time spent on preparation will shorten, and I’ll get into a couponing groove! I’m already looking forward to this Sunday so I can go for another shot at it!