This kid…

Some kids go to sleep with a blankie or a stuffed animal. And though Lane has both of those, tonight he chose to go to bed with a book in his arms. Why? Cause on the cover is a silver sticker of a guy with glasses and a beard. Lane thinks it’s “daddy” so he wanted to sleep with the book tonight. My heart grew tenfold. This kid never ceases to amaze me.

That’s just a small indicator of how today has gone. And we needed a day like today. This past weekend was hellacious. For what ever reason, Jess and I’s patience had just run out. Lane wouldn’t listen, he was an utter terror and we just we not the best mommy and daddy. He was frustrated and so were we. It really was just a matter of being frustrated and most likely tiredness catching up. So we went into Monday needing a break from Lane as much as he needed a break from us.

To our surprise, Monday went really well. Lane seemed eager to go to school and all was right a home. Tuesday (today) was even better! This morning went off with out a hitch, both Jess and I were very productive in our respective jobs, Jess had a great check-up at the doctor (only 10 more weeks until baby Jack!!), Chase came home in a great mood and did really well at baseball practice and Lane was suuuuper sweet. He even managed to have a picnic at the ball field with mommy and I while Chase did his baseball. It was such a treat to have us all together rather than divided up. I think doing so brought us closer together. Yeah we need our breaks, but they make the time together even better.

So that’s where we are at today! Lane went to bed with no problems and actually wanted to stay in bed. He has his daddy book and all is right in his world. That makes for a happy mommy, daddy and Chase. Our family is growing in more ways than one, every day and I’m in love with it. <