Road Trip – NC (Day 1)

I am an avid list maker…which inspired to me to change it up a bit make a list of all the fabulous things we did on our first day in NC.

  • Survived horrible traffic on 95South, but made it to the Camp Lejeune Inn. Nice and economical!
  • Visited the “mall” on base for last minute must haves.
  • Had a cookout at the Bateman’s!
  • Watched the kids play in the water all day!
  • Listened to Marines talk about things and acronyms I pretended to understand.
  • Watched Marines grill meat!
  • Met new friends. 🙂
  • Drank beer and ate delicious food!
  • Fashioned a homemade fly trap!
  • Ate MORE delicious food. (’s vacation!?)
  • Played RockBand
  • Watched three kids wrestle and tackle a Marine for about an hour.
  • Sat with friends and family to watch one of the best fireworks shows ever!
  • Celebrated the fourth with my two loves, and awesome friends we don’t see enough.
  • Prepared for day 2! BEACH DAY!!

The Pics:
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