“Best friend”

Can someone define that for me? Is it even possible to really put a definition on the term best friend? We’ve all had them. From early childhood we’ve had people or friend that have been our “best” friends. A person we can go to with our deepest thoughts, someone who will be there for us no matter what. We’ve all had that go-to person that no matter what, will tell us what we don’t want to hear, in a way that we need to hear it.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve had several “best” friends. Ryan Ricks, my gaggle of friends in high school, my first girlfriend, many, many people have carried the burden of being MY best friend. It was never something they asked for, but always something I bestowed upon someone, or some people in the case of my high school comrades.

Today however, I have one “best” friend, that is my wife. Jess is and will always be my go-to person for everything. No matter if I am at my lowest of lows or my most triumphant, she is my go to. I certainly have friends that I will confide in. Jon for example I can talk with about most anything. He has been there for me in some pretty crazy times. James and Bob…those are my guys. They will be there to help be dig out of a hole if I were to get stuck and give me that outlet that I need. Rick, Neal, Sean, Bryan, etc, that group of guys I could hang with and talk to for hours and never miss a moment of happiness. My guys are my guys. The good thing about any and all of my friends, if I just want to go out, have a few drinks (or not) and relax, I can totally do that and have a fantastic time doing so. Every one of my friends have had an impact on where I am today. But above all, my best friend is my wife, and for that, I am forever grateful.

If I wake up in the morning, step on the scale and have gained or lost two pounds, Jess is the first person I turn to. If I have a hard day at work, I will talk about it with Jess and get back to even keel in no time. If I run my best 5k, stub my toe, change Lane and get peed on, have a life changing poop, or just have a normal everyday day, my story falls towards Jess. My wife, Jess is my go-to and I love her for that. I’ve been through some shit and Jess has heard me out, told me what I didn’t want to (but needed to) hear and helped me when I needed to. I’ve also had great success and she has been there to celebrate with me. Jess is and for ever will be my “best” friend. I love my wife an couldn’t ask for a better person to have as my go-to person.

So best friend means a lot to me. I have one best friend, but several “best” friends.

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