What a weekend

This really has been a great weekend. My amazing wife ran in The Color Run – Atlanta (I’ll let her talk more about that), the weather was wonderful, I got to help Chase with a school project that turned out tenfold better than expected and it was Wrestlemania!

Solar System

First up, the school project. Ever since I can remember I’ve always excelled in any sort of project that was due at school. Whether it was a diagram, a science fair presentation, sculpture, plant rubbings, you name it. The main reason was my mom and dad. At the time I loved it! We would spend hours in the kitchen or garage working on the best possible thing to turn in. I would build elaborate objects to turn in that would ensure that I would get some sort of recognition. Regardless of how I was doing in the class or when it was due, we would always be working on the best of the best. I have vivid memories of late nights in the kitchen gluing the last newspaper clipping onto a board showing some info about water purification. I remember building some overly complicated windmill thing for a project in college with the aid of my dad. It has to be this sense of overachievement that led me to what we put together for Chases solar system project this weekend.

At first it was pretty basic. Jess and Chase got a kit to make a solar system and a foam board to put the planets on. We had some tempra paint to paint the planets and it was going to be a slam dunk. However, after some trial and error it was discovered that painting styrofoam was a lot more challenging that initially thought. We tried several different methods, and eventually we got frustrated. I am not one to easily give up so I did some research and found the right kind of paint to use and Chase and I were on our way to get some supplies. An hour or so later and we had an amazing project that any kid would be proud to bring to school. I really thought it looked cool and can’t wait to hear the feedback tomorrow. No matter what I was going to make the project a success. Unlike John Cena, when I said that I was going to put everything I had into it, I meant it.

That brings me to my next point. The main event at Wrestlemania this year was John Cena vs. The Rock. They have been pimping this match for a year. I was extremely eager to see it. I was excited about all the other matches (well most of them) tonight, but I really was eager to see the outcome of this one. I had my money on Cena, but as luck would have it… my money was in the wrong spot.

I spoke with my friend Adam about this for a while leading up to the match, but Cena really had it all on the line. He had to win. The Rock, had nothing to lose. Tomorrow, The Rock will go back to making his movies, but John Cena will go back to wrestling every single week. After such amazing matches as Triple H vs. The Undertaker I was expecting greatness from the Cena/Rock match. What I got was a really good match with a piss poor ending. When the Undertaker finally beat H3 you could tell that both men were simply spent. When Cena was done with his match, he looked like he was just kinda chillin. The ending was so terrible. In my opinion The Rock had nothing to gain from beating Cena and as much as Cena talked about putting his entire soul into the match, I felt like it was a half-ass ending. They had to carry Trips out of the ring, Cena was just hanging out after his match. They really could have ended it better. The best thing that can happen at this point is for The Rock to come out tomorrow and put Cena over. Otherwise Cena is going to have to turn heal. That’s really the only thing, but then again, this is the WWE and anything is possible.

So that was pretty much it. I had an epic time building a solar system with Chase, then I got to watch Wrestlemania with my family and friend. I wish John Cena had won the match, but it’s not “real” so it should be just fine.

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