Running for my life!

One week ago, ran for my life. Well, I don’t think I was ever in any actual danger, but there were times when it sure felt like I was ready to die.

I had watched the videos, done the laps around the neighborhood, countless squats, lunges, situps, etc. But the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was all the mud! I don’t think the makers of the course could have picked a better day to have a run such as this. Every conceivable inch of the course was covered in some form of mud, just like the zombies, there was no escaping it. From the moment we stepped out of our warm, dry car we (Jess, Lane, Chase, and I) were destined to be filthy. Even getting to the registration area seemed like an obstacle, especially since Jess was pushing a stroller.

Eventually it was my time to run and run I did. Out the gate I knew this was going to be tough. Every step was a challenge just to stay vertical, but off I went. At first it didn’t seem TOO bad, despite the mud, but then I hit the first hurdle…large bails of hay, and zombies. Not only did I have to climb over the hay, while covered in mud, but there were “zombies” trying to take away our “life” (3 flags that would determine if I was a survivor or a zombie at the end of the course). I made it through the first obstacle unscathed and then it was more mud running. Throughout the course there would be hill with zombies, trenches of water with zombies, large tractor tires with zombies, etc. They through everything they could think of into this course, but that’s what made it fun. Yes, I said fun. Running through this grime and over obstacles and into 5ft deep lake while being chased by zombies was so much freakin’ fun.

In the end I was turned into a zombie, but I figured I would be. Only about 5% of the people that run the course finish as a survivor. I had a very respectable time of 1hr 4mins, and that’s something I can live with.

After the race the next challenge began. The family was soaked, muddy, and ready to go, and I was caked in mud. We still had a hike to the car, and the weather wasn’t in our favor. Eventually we made it and I had the pleasant experience of standing completely naked beside my car trying to wipe the mud off myself with a dry t-shirt and baby wipes.Finally I was clean enough and we were on our way home. We were all done with zombies, rain, and mud for the day. It took three showers to get fully clean, but man was it worth it. The “Zombie run” was something I won’t soon, or ever forget. I had a blast and can’t wait to run it with Jess next year!

The video:

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