– we ordered a rental doppler to listen to little BLT’s heartbeat. Sweet lil sound made my night.
– officially back in the swing of work. never enough time in a day. always tired. always still a ton left to do. it’ll balance out soon.
– crazy, busy work weekend ahead of me. huge projects for grad school due (procrastination sucks) and lots of PTO and regular school work to do for bbrook. the boys are enjoying six flags while i stay home and work. i’m glad they’re going out and having fun, and i’ll be glad once i feel accomplished after all my work is done.
– we picked a name…i think. not sharing it yet though, and i’m not sure why. feels fun to have our little secret for our boy. 🙂
– i can no longer try to fight it mentally……i’m getting sick. with a head cold that’s starting off with wicked headaches and congestion. tonight’s home remedy for said cold is: dark chocolate brownies, hot tea, and falcons. surely that will help.

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