Scott Pilgrim vs. The Critic

Well, not realy. I’m not a critic by any stretch of the imagination. I just like to watch movies. In fact, I like to watch movies like this. For starters, let me just say that I was not a Scott Pilgrim super fan. I didn’t read the graphic novels or really know that much about the story. My friends started posting stuff about this Scott Pilgrim movie and I was like, yeah…another Michael Cera where he plays an awkward teen. Then I saw the trailer. In fact, I think you should see the trailer as well. I’ll wait below the fold for you to watch.

What’d you think? Awesome, right?! That’s what I thought. All that flashy animation and “K-POW!” and what not is actually in the movie, so don’t think it’s one of those trailer tricks where they beef it up then leave out the goods. This movie was just like a video game, only a really cool video game and not one of those crappy ones.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The WHOA!

So you might be asking, is this just another Michael Cera movie or is it something more? Well, it is just another MC movie, but it’s also something more. The pace of the movie was quick, the dialogue was witty, there was action and even some sexy time (but not too much).

The movie was a visual feast. Every scene there was something that was animated or cartoony or something. The eye never got a chance to rest due to things being all over the screen. In addition to that the way the movie flowed was genius. A character walks into a room and the camera zooms in only to find out they are in a completely different room in a new building hours or even days in the future. No need to drag anything out, just cut to exactly what the audience wants. It was brilliant.

Having not read the books, I didn’t know how close it was to the story. Luckily I had Neal and Jude. Having read everything, they were keen to all the little nuances that were thrown in. I went back and looked through the books after the movie and yep, they stuck to the story. Unlike most movies from comics or books, this one stuck to the story pretty tightly.

I’d like to see the movie again so I can take it all in. I’m not saying it was a bit much the first time, but there’s always more you see the second time watching a movie. I give SPvTW 5 stars or coins or points or what ever form of measurement we’re using on this site. Oh, and I think I may have found my Halloween costume.

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