Scott Pilgrim vs. The Critic

Well, not realy. I’m not a critic by any stretch of the imagination. I just like to watch movies. In fact, I like to watch movies like this. For starters, let me just say that I was not a Scott Pilgrim super fan. I didn’t read the graphic novels or really know that much about the story. My friends started posting stuff about this Scott Pilgrim movie and I was like, yeah…another Michael Cera where he plays an awkward teen. Then I saw the trailer. In fact, I think you should see the trailer as well. I’ll wait below the fold for you to watch.
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The best advice you will ever receive:

Predator set a new standard for violence in movies involving a group of guys in a jungle with a chick and an alien. It was a movie that scared the bajesus outta me but then made me appreciate the importance of mud and sticks in a fight against a foe with lasers, bombs, and a cloaking device. Flash forward 23 years and you get a new standard in men in a jungle with a chick…and this time 4 aliens!
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Date Night Duel!

Remember that awesome date night I planned for SB?? It was all thought out and planned ahead and unique?? Well…I’ve been one-upped…er like…10 upped!

SB had a date night planned for us, complete with Sniperhints throughout the week. He used words like ‘dark’ and ‘not too light’ and I thought he just needed words to rhymn with ‘park’. Turns out his hints lead us to Dialogue in the Dark at Atlantic Station Friday night! I was beyond stoked. I’d heard about the exhibit from friends and couldn’t wait to experience it!

Let me tell you…at first I was a step or two away from an anxiety attack. We got our walking canes and the lights went off and we were let go to bump into everything explore. I felt totally out of control and cramped. I was unsure and stumbling and just semi freaking out. I would NOT let go of SB’s hand, but eventually I had to. I would occasionally smell him or hear his voice close and that calmed me. About halfway through the tour I started to relax. I stopped trying to “see” (I know, silly) and really tuned into my other senses. I explored a little on my own and used my hands a lot. By the end of the tour I was navigating my way around like a pro not so crazy person! Our guide was totally blind and so awesome. It was an amazing experience to spend an hour in the shoes of someone with a disability. If you haven’t tried it you really should!

Our next stop was dinner. After the tour we were both starving so I was thrilled to see that our reservations were at Geisha House. We drank wine and ate the most delicious sushi! (Ok..not as good as our first date sushi…but damn good!) Me becoming the old prude I am was content with heading home after dinner, but Ben had one last surprise up his sleeve. Date Night @ 10:00 right down the road. I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out b/c let’s face it…is there ANYone funnier than Tina Fey or Steve Carrell? Exactly…

We stopped here for a delicious little dessert and went to the movie. It was hilarious and did NOT disappoint. It was just the perfect date night. The weather was awesome and there’s no where I’d rather be these days than hand in hand with my guy. 🙂 We finally made it home to crash and get ready for the rest of the weekend=Ben’s camping trip with the guys. He better blog about it soon…and I promise you’re gonna wanna stay tuned for these stories. (Don’t worry guys…I’m sure he won’t share ALL of them with blogland.)

Movies for sale!

Ok, so you know you want to buy some movies. I have 140 movies/TV shows for sale and they all must go. I’d like to sell them in bulk rather than the 1-off type deal, but if there’s just one you gotta have, we can make a deal. Speaking of deal, how much am I asking for these you might wonder. Well for starters all regular movies are $4 each. That’s right FOUR DOLLLARS!!!! I’m looking to get $12 each for the TV shows. However, the more you buy, the more you save. If you buy 3 TV show sets, I’m only asking $30. If you buy 6 movies it’s only $20. I’m sure we can work out other deals if there’s something that catches your eye.
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