Take me (us) out to the ball game!

Chase with game ball
Game ball!

Being from Philly, SJ’s mom gets tickets to the Braves vs. Philly’s game every year they are playing in Atlanta. It just so happened that this was one of those years. Also, with Jess’ spring break coming up she decided to take a look at the Braves schedule to see if there were any games that week we could take Chase too, it just so happened that the Braves were playing the Philly’s that week. Jess gave her mom and ring and come to find out, she had 4 tickets. We totally jumped on board with that and were all set for some good old fashioned ball game fun.

Chase went to the Braves game on Sunday with his dad and was totally stoked to go to anther game, but he wasn’t sure when that would be. We didn’t tell him we were sitting on 4 (3 + Jess’ mom) tickets. When he got the news, he just about passed out. He was SO excited. The look on a seven year old’s face when they get something as cool as 2nd row baseball tickets is just priceless.

So the day came, and off to Turner Field we went. Traffic was typical for game day, but it was all good since the weather was perfect and we were all in such great spirits! We got to the park, and started walking down to our seats. It was then when I realized just how close we were. I had been to several games before, but nothing like this. We were literally within arms reach of the field. So we sat there, cheering the Bravos, enjoying some beers and dogs and just having a great time.

The Braves lost that day, but that was totally over shadowed by the look on Chase’s face, when he got a game ball. This wasn’t one of those balls you can buy from the souvenir shops, this was an actual ball that was in the game. I swear he couldn’t put the thing down. He just kept twirling it around, examining every scuff and grass stain and marveling over it. The smile on his face totally made the night. I can’t wait to take him back to the park for another game.

So that was the Sniper’s first ball game together. There will be many, many more. Not sure if anything will top this one. Thank you Kathleen for the tickets and the experience.

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