A Dawg’on good time!

So Friday night I saw some UGA tix on sale through a friend of mine on facebook for Saturday’s game against UK. SniperBen and I snatched ’em up! We’ve been enjoying football this season (even though our GA teams are kinda suckin’ in general) and somehow neither of us have been to a UGA game! After swinging by Best Buy for a more user friendly camera, and Perimeter Mall (my new favorite playground btw) for a cute bulldogs shirt, we were off! The weather was perfect, the drive was nice, and we found some great parking. We walked around like we were veterans of the whole experience, only stopping to glance at a map of campus once. 🙂 We got more shirts at the bookstore, got my face painted, and ate at the bulldog cafe. (Delicious hamburgers!). The seats were awesome and the fans were pumped! We ended the night with hot dogs and hot chocolate, fans getting vomited on from the deck above them, cartwheels down the streets of downtown Athens, and a FUHreezing walk back to our car….but it was a really, really good time! I’ll never forget our first UGA game together, and I’m ready for lots more!

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SniperBen Edit:
This is what she meant by “cartwheels down the streets of downtown Athens”

She had already done like 10 outside. After she said she could do one and I doubted her, some kid behind us, provoked her and said he’d give her $5 to do one. Sho nuff, she did… no $5 though. Either way, I was surprised by her uncanny acumen in gymnastics.

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