Le Spooky de la Towne

So Halloween has come and gone and oh what a great one it was. It’s always been my favorite “holiday” and this year was no exception.

For the past few years I’ve been collecting pieces from Spooky Town. With the sale of the house I couldn’t really put them out for display, but now that I’m in an apartment, I can put anything out I want. So when Oct rolled around it was time to load up the car with all my stuff from my parents house and decorate my house to the gills…Halloween style!

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622640067003″]

It certainly was nice to finally be able to decorate and put all this stuff out. I really felt at home once everything was out and lit up. I had almost forgotten how fun it was and how much I enjoyed this part of the season. So that was that, Spooky Town and all my other decorations went up and and the Sniper’s first Halloween was all set. We meant to get more pics of the house, but we have many, many, many more years to take care of that. For now, these pics will have to do.

Up next is Thanksgiving. I’m really looking forward to some family time with Jess and Chase. I can’t wait to have them around for decorating my grandmother’s fence (family tradition) and all the other festivities that come with the holiday season. Stay tuned, more to come.


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