Ima letcha know

Here are some things that i shoud letcha know.

first. jojo knows hwo to press appleA. which mean he cna select all on the comoputer. he is the smartest cat on this planet. truth.

second. these fuckers on rockbandd have been clapping for like…decades. i know we rock. you can stop the applause now you stupid ass people@

also. this weekend was the shitznit! ben and i ran for 4 MILES! it was an really awesome run. the weather was perfect..the leaves were falling and the air was chilly. we found a new troute on the nike plus sitebut we thought we missed a road but how about i don tthink we did miss the road. we eneded up exactly where we wer e supposed to be and it was ssssssuch a good run! i think i miay have experience dhrunners high for the first time ever. ther ewas a time around mile 1.5 when i just felt like i could fly. we hadnt stopped to walk yet and somethign abut the music and the run and the waether and all of it  just gave me juice. i took off sprinting  and it was only for a few dozen feet or so but i felt awesomse. peeler rd. hill got me later in the run though. that hill kicked my ass. KICKED  my ASS. dude…it was bad. but i’m gonna dominate that hill soon. DOMINATE that mf hill. just wait

ok. so we also had a date night this wekened. we went to strip on friday night and it was soooooooooo good. best steak everah/! and we did some more stuff but i dont really remember what. oh! wiat…we went to j. christophers. for breakfast. it was deeeelish. except i really with i could eat eggs. dammit that make me mad! i had the saugage bisctuits though. and they were good. oh and we took pics of sppooky town tonight. i know halloween is over but we had to take asome pics of it before all the halloween decor is gone. so we’ll put that wawy tomorrow and get ready for thanksgiving and christmast!  we tried watching twilight too but we both passed out and woke p and it was over. boooo on that. it’s actually a really reallyb ad moive though\. and that kinda sucks. in case you didnt know i am pon day 14 of being smoke free. and also…jojo likes to eat my hair. wtf is up with that? really jojo? dont eat my hair…cmon.

i love you all. goodnight.

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