A belly full of love…

As I’m sure you’ll see in the upcoming months…my guy is a fantastic cook. There will be pics of deliciousness and recipes you’ll want to check out. Example: this morning we had homemade biscuits with sausage gravy – yummo! (And I helped!)

What I’ve noticed recently, however, is that everything we create in the kitchen is CRAZY good. All we had for lunch today was a deli meat sandwich and some pasta salad. Nothing fancy…but it was the best sandwich and pasta salad evah. My theory behind this is corny at best, but I promise you there has to be some validity behind it.

Theory 1: When we cook together, a little dash of our love falls into our meals. Our flirting in the kitchen and sparks between our eyes find their way into the food and make it the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten. Think I’m crazy?? Don’t believe me? Cook something today with someone you are madly in love with. I promise you’ll end up with a belly full of love. <3

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