Another amazing weekend, in the bank

Pre Fun Bowl dinnerJess and I whipped out another amazing meal. There was never any chance that it wasn’t going to happen. I mean, it was full of all that love and stuff she was talking about. Now that the meal is settled, the table is clean, and the shame of wearing a UGA shirt after that game has sunk in, it’s time to head out to Fun Bowl. Chase and I have been cooped up in the house all day while Jess manned the couch with her epic napping skills. It’s time for some good ol’ family fun. We’ll take some pics and update after all is said and done.

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Ok, so we had yet another amazing weekend. This time around I went to Jess’ house and got to spend time with her and Chase. I got there a bit late on Friday night, but that’s ok. We still had a perfectly delicious meal. Jess made some pork chops and taters and veggies and it was just coming off the grill and out of the oven when I got there. I probably couldn’t have timed it better if I tried. After dinner, she and I both did a bit of work and got the kitchen cleaned up. We put Chase to bed, then it was time for Halloween.

Jess isn’t the biggest fan of horror movies. In fact, she pretty much refuses to watch them. However, over the past year I have slowly warmed her up to the idea that they are where it’s at. They are my jam, and will be her’s one day as well. So with fall and October here, what better movie to get things started than with the original Halloween! She was rather apprehensive at first, but once it got going she really enjoyed herself and the movie. I mean, that movie is a classic and it’s just a lot of fun. So she was really excited after and actually wanted to see the second one. That will have to wait for this weekend…or sooner, depending on what all is going on.

On Saturday, we got up, had a stellar breakfast then pretty much just farted around the house. Jess slept most of the day on the couch, despite the UGA game (though it was a rather boring and disappointing game). That afternoon we grilled up some burgers and then set off to Fun Bowl!!! It was a hike to get there and Chase dozed off in the car, but once we got there, everyone perked up and we had a blast. We knocked out three games and it was a total blast. Jess did great for 1 of the games, I dominated one, and the other we kinda were on par wit one another. I reckon that’s how it usually goes with awesome families like ours. All equal parts.

Back home, we were all tired and I helped put Chase to bed, then Jess and I headed off to bed. Sunday was going to be a packed day. After breakfast, we set off to my folks house so Chase could meet my mom, Jess could see the house I grew up in, and we could get my Halloween decorations. We ate a quick lunch, then loaded up the decor and headed off to my apartment. Jess and I set up Spooky Town (pics coming soon) while chase helped and played on the couch. The house looks great and it finally feels like Halloween in here. I can’t wait to get all the candles lit and the lights going and have some people to enjoy fall here.

We headed home and by that time the rain had started to come down pretty hard. We were both exhausted from decorating and driving around all day so we called it an early night. I have to say, that her bed right by the windows that were open with the rain and the freshly cleaned sheets and the cool fall breeze, made for one of the best night sleeps I’ve had in a while. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I did. Dems the breaks.

So yeah, that was a pretty low key weekend, but damn if it didn’t turn out to be totally epic. I mean, it seems everything that she and I do, from washing dishes to making burgers turns out to be the most awesome thing on the planet. Maybe it’s the “new love” that all relationships get in the early stages, or maybe this really is that true love that most couples strive for. I’m gonna go with the latter because this feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before. This woman, this child, this family that I have in my life now, this is what I want, this is where I want to be, this is what makes me whole.

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