Road Trip to Camp Lejune, NC

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So I’m posting about the NC trip a few weeks after we actually took it, but luckily this is a trip that will be impossible to forget! SniperBen got off work Friday and I was at the apt. waiting for him (and creating the most epic travel playlist you’ve ever heard.) We grabbed some delicioso Mexican food, stopped to fill up with gas and get some snackage, and we hit the road around 8:30 pm. We had a long drive ahead of us…but somehow time seemed to stop as we drove. The songs, the stories, the secrets, the feelings, the laughter, the tears, the singing, the honesty…they all helped take a regular ol’ road trip andย  create an experience and a memory that is impossible to describe.

By the time we made it a little over halfway we needed sleep. We found a “quaint” place to stay in Bishopville,ย  S.C. What is it about staying in a hotel that makes you feel so romantic? Several things make me smile about that night…especially the fact that I have never slept THAT good in a hotel before. The next morning we hit up the Waffle House across the street then hit the road! This is also where we started a new tradition of taking pics of the water towers we see on our road trips.

A few short hours later we arrived near Camp Lejeune, NC and met up with Robin, the wife of one of SniperBen’s high school friends. She had a fantastic surprise party in the works for David’s 31st bday. The Sniper’s of this relationship are both admittedly o.c.d when it comes to certain things, so her detailed and well thought out lists were my first sign that we were going to hit it off! We met up at a Starbucks and finalized a few details. We weren’t supposed to be at the house for the party until several hours later, and I can’t be THIS close to the ocean without sticking my toes it, so we drove onto the base and did some exploring! We had no idea where we were going…but we were both ok with that. Nigel..(SniperBen’s TomTom app) led us in the right direction and we finally found the Atlantic. On the way, SniperBen swore there were snipers in the woods, watching our every move and ready to pounce on any foul action. It was silly and funny, and it sparked a running joke that would soon become our awesome name for ‘us’.

So we found the ocean! It was a not so perfect beach day, which somehow made it the perfect day ever. Overcast, a light misty rain, and TONS of wind. We rolled up our pants and tip-toed in a bit. We took a ton of pics and were simply taken over by the awesomeness of it all. The beach was basically empty and the waves were insane! So insane that they got my jeans a lil more wet than I planned. Hmmm. Yeah. We glanced at each other and just knew…we can’t leave this ocean without getting in it! We found a little hut with a shower to change in and got into some different clothes. The ocean was freezing and so powerful b/c of the weather, but it was amazing!!! As we left, we kept an eye out for those snipers…and also for any bears…and also for any bears that were snipers. Alas…SniperBear was born. ๐Ÿ™‚

After playing in the ocean, we quickly grabbed a burger then went to help get set up for the part. This was a little chaotic. We had about 30 minutes to throw everything together, but come on…it’s us. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was perfect timing and David was super surprised! I met a lot of new awesome people and played Guitar Hero for hours. We got up the next morning and had some Cracker Barrell before saying bye to the Bateman’s and to N.C. Now…just a short 8 hr drive and we’ll be home! :/ I napped some, SniperBen napped some, and we had more stories, secrets, and laughs. We were pretty exhausted when we got home, but I still floated into the apartment.

This trip changed things for us. It changed things for me. Not only did I run into the ocean with an amazing man, I let down my wall and began the process of falling. Trust doesn’t come easy for me, but this weekend I learned how good it feels to begin to trust someone you are in love with.ย  We will have many more trips and tons of good times, but this first road trip of ours will always be epically special to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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