It’s a Boy!!!

We had our 3D ultrasound Saturday and I could tell as soon as the picture showed up on the screen that we had ourselves a little boy! The pictures are adorable and he’s just a tiny, bashful little thing. He hid his face from us a lot but also did a LOT of dancing. He gets that honest from a family of people who love dancing and music. Still no names picked out yet, but I’m starting to daydream of his nursery and mostly just our life together with a house full of boys! I feel like I am able to picture him here and create a bond now that I know the gender. Boys LOVE their mamas, always, and I can see myself down the road with tall, handsome, strapping men to call my sons and it makes me smile so big!

In other news, I’m trucking along at 17 1/2 weeks. I’m feeling better physically and really starting to love this pregnancy. I went through such a physical and emotional transition for the first trimester, but I feel like everything is right with the world now. Also, school starts tomorrow! Last week was preplanning and I had No idea just how exhausting going back to work was going to be. I know this summer made me lazy, but getting used to working all week is going to be an adjustment. Chase is excited though and I know as soon as we get back into our routine the holidays will be here and we will be bringing our little boy home!

First thing on the agenda is to pick a name! Ben loves Liam, and I like it a lot. 😉 Also on the list are Bradley, Ian, Cameron, Harper……the list really goes on and on. The only thing we can really agree on is that we would like his middle name to be Benjamin. Here are a few picture of Baby T!