Laundry room remodel

Jess and I finally got around to re-doing the laundry room. I say that like we’ve been in this house for ages and the room has been the bane of our existence. Well, the truth is, we’ve only been there for a few months and though the wallpaper was hideous, it really wasn’t like walking into Disaster DIY with¬†Bryan Baeumler.

The project took us a week or so longer than it probably should have, but we eventually got it done. I mean, it’s not like you can just start something like this and finish in a single day, or even a weekend when you have a 1yr old. The end result was a much more inviting space that was bright and cheerful! I love the way the colors turned out. We painted all the walls, Jess made a new curtain, we painted the counter top, and even put a stencil on the wall.

Here’s the progress pics:
[nggallery id=1]

And if the pics weren’t enough…. I decided to time lapse the whole thing.¬†

I’d say this project was a total success. Can’t wait to start in on another project. Oh wait, we already have. Pics and a post coming soon!

DIY Begins!

We are in the new crib! It’s beautiful, big….and BROWN. Don’t get me wrong, this house is amazing. With that being said, almost every single room is going to get redecorated. I love the ‘country’ feel the house has nestled in a cute subdivision and tucked back in the trees, but it needs some fresh color, some light, some updating…..some “Turner”. Looking around and starting my list of “to dos” has been a bit overwhelming so far, so I’m narrowing it down to one room at a time. First up, the laundry room. Before/Progress/After pics will come soon. Wish us luck!