Next level productivity

Whether it was the fact that we hadn’t done shit all week or it was some sort of voodoo magic in the air, but man we knocked it out today! This morning BLT was all trying to kick things off as if it were any other day by waking up at 5am. No one wants to be up at that hour on a Saturday. We quickly squashed that by taking him over to my mom’s house. She agreed to watch him for the morning so we could get some stuff done around the house for a change. The goal was lofty, but we were up for a challenge.

Ever since moving in we haven’t had the time or energy or care level to move the rest of the stuff from the basement/garage to the attic. After all, we now live in the equivalent of a three story house. Factor in the trip up the ladder in to the attic and that was not something we wanted to get all up on. Today, however was different and we got everything that was to be stored moved up and that was that. Granted it took a trip to Home Depot for some boards to put down for flooring, but that was a minor setback.

After all that was done, we proceeded to do some more organizing the basement in preparation for the gym equipment that was going in down there. Have I mentioned that we’re doing Tough Mudder in like 4 months?! Eek! We were all getting pretty hungry so we decided to go grab some food and pick up the youngin’ from Grammy’s.

Back at the house and Lane went to bed so we could start in on decorating the rest of the outside of the house. Nothing quite like having the family outside decorating and just having a grand time. Most of it we were able to get knocked out before BLT woke up, but the last piece was a huge ass wreath for the upper middle window on the house. Luckily it was a simple hang out the window two stories in the air and put a nail in the window frame kinda procedure.

Someone had to get out there and hang this wreath!

The day got a little crazy after that and JT kinda went rogue, but we found her.

Mom went crazy

The rest of the day was spent finishing up some other chores like installing the second IP Camera, a trip to Hobby Lobby for some supplies to make Chase’s school play outfit, dishes, etc. Basically, we got shit done.

Oh, and two other things. First off our gas oven can die for all I care at this point. I mean, I love cooking with a gas top range and all but that oven is bajank. Its too small and always burns shit. We’ve tried adjusting the temp and time and all manner of things but no matter what everything we cook is always either burned or not done at all. I miss my electric oven. Secondly, a carpenter I am not, and I am also not the handiest of mans on the planet. But despite that fact, I’ll give it my all. Those boards in the attic are most likely not up to any sort of code or whatnot, but hey, they’ll hold our stuff. And the ice maker line that I installed tonight, despite me doing it exactly correct the damn thing still leaks. Not from anywhere that I connected, but from the actual shut off valve bit. So I’m now going to have to call a plumber and get them to tell me its going to cost a bajillion dollars or tell me that I f’d up and did it wrong… which I’m fairly confident that I didn’t.

Ok, that’s all I had. I’ll most likely post something again tomorrow or at the very least in the next few days. For now I’m gonna go get in the bed with my beautiful and amazing wife. Bam!

It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

Sniper Christmas Tree 2010

Well, Thanksgiving has already come and past. We loaded our bewldys with all manner of foodstuffs. SJ rocked our faces off with a stellar turkey and we had a great time with family and friends. With turkey day, comes black Friday. Knowing we had to get a few things for lil’ Snipes, we headed out for some midnight sales. To our surprise the stores weren’t all that bad when we got there. There were some lines here and there, but for the most part it wasn’t as cray cray as we thought it would be. However, as the night went on and it drew closer to midnight, the crowds increased in size and insanity. The doors opened finally, we rushed in, got all we were looking for and were out of there in under an hour! We certainly had our game faces on and got some really good deals. That adventure was totally worthwhile.
The rest of Friday was spent laying around the house catching up on some much needed sleep and trying to fend off the desire to eat all the leftovers in one sitting. I made my way back into the masses and found a few more good deals, but for the most part it was a very low key kinda day. The next day however…

We knew we wanted a real tree, so we headed out to our local tree farm and after a little looking around, Chase picked out the perfect one. Since this was like a straight up field of trees, we got to actually cut the thing down. I would love to have had some sort of electric device for the actual cutting, but it all worked out. In a short while, we had the thing down, bagged, and on the car. Our next stop was the Home Depot for some last minute decoration additions. Since it is impossible to enter a Home Depot and leave w/o spending less than $100, we chose our decorations carefully…even though we eventually went back and loaded up on even more.

So back to the crib we got the tree up and let it air out while we set our sights on the exterior of the house. We knew what all we wanted to do, and from a distance, it didn’t look that bad. Our plan was to hang lights on the windows and around the roof of the house. We were both all kinds of gutsy and ready to just jump on the roof and knock that out, yeah… that didn’t happen. After about an hour or so of trying to figure out if a) it was possible using the ladder I had and b) mustering the nerve to actually climb up on this K2-esque steep ass roof, I got myself up there (thanks to a roll of duct tape, a 100ft rope, and Jess holding the other end for dear life). It was a daunting task to get all the hooks around the edge of the roof and then hoist the lights up w/o breaking them. Due to the steepness of the roof, I couldn’t really get all the way down each side, so I had to shimmy around. After an hour or so I was DONE with being up there. Luckily, once I got up on the roof, we had the smart idea of nailing some temporary steps so that I could get back down. In the end, the house looked great and it was totally worth it.

Back inside, we got clean and fed and then went to town on the Christmas tree. It had time to settle and all the branches and limbs were ripe for the decorate-a-thon that was about to happen. It was pretty straight forward, lights, then ornaments, then more ornaments, then clean-up, then delirium. This year, I decided to to a time lapse of the whole process. In reality it took about two or so hours to get everything done, but you can watch it all happen in about three minutes!

So that was that. In one fell swoop we managed to get the inside and outside all decorated up. Jess’ Thanksgiving break was coming to a close, but we had gotten so much done. I’m sure she had a lot more she would have liked to do, but there’s only so much you can get done in a week. Over the next few weeks I’m sure we’ll be adding more decorations to the house, plus we gotta do some more shopping and wrapping and all manner of things. This time of the year tends to fly by. Before we know it, we’ll be walking down the aisle. As much as I can’t wait for that day to be here, I don’t want to miss any of the days between now and then, either.

The Pics:
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