And another thing

Lane has decided that anytime between midnight and 4:30am, it’s a good idea to come and get in bed with Jess and I. This has been going on for at least a week now. It was kinda cute at first, and it still is very endearing, but the nut check kicks are starting to lose their appeal.

I have no qualms about Lane sleeping in bed with us, especially since it’s a large bed. However when Jack gets here in November we will be nursing a baby and Lane will need to hang in his big boy bed. This may mean that one of resume our position bedside for a while.

So that’s that. More ongoing struggles with napping. Oh, and as of this week he’s moved up to a new room at school and now doesn’t want to go there either. So it’s a battle at night and a battle in the morning. Fun time!

But you know what, I wouldn’t trade it all for the world. This little boy and what ever he has going on in his brain are worth it to me. I love him more than I could have ever thought. He struggles just as I did when I was a kid I’m sure. His energy and smiles and spirit and bigger than life. When he’s sad or scared, I feel it too for him. I hate to see him not happy and I will do what ever I can to make sure that his transition from one season in life to the next is as easy as possible. My parents did it for me and he’ll do the same for his kids some day.

Stay tuned for more updates!IMG_5313.JPG

The night time struggles continue

Last week I posted about the new night terrors. Well, things haven’t gotten much better. At first we tried forcing him to stay in the bed and we just dealt with the tantrums and crying. Now, we’ve resorted to sitting in the room with him again. Initially we didn’t want to do this as we figured it would lead to a dependency on us always being in there when he went to bed. On top of that, when we did stay in there it felt like an eternity. Of course this was back when he first transitioned into the toddler bed. Now that he’s gotten in his twin bed, the sitting doesn’t seem to last as long.

That’s not to say that night time isn’t a struggle, however. We have a routine that we are in each night that consists of washing his feet so we can apply the prescription medicine we have for the rash on his feet. Usually one of us will read a book while the other is applying the meds and some vaseline and then socks. For a few days this worked great and after the story, one of us would sit in the room with him and he’d be out in a matter of minutes. Now it seems that he is no longer content with going to bed…ever. Regardless of who is sitting in there, he wants to get up. Tonight it was “I need to poop.” I gave in and took him to the bathroom twice. It was at that point when I reached my niceness threshold and Jess jumped in. He did the whole tantrum thing, but eventually she was able to calm him down to the point where he would get back in bed. Tonight’s technique was to let him listen to some music while going to sleep. After the first attempt, I’m already sold! The kid was out! But then again it could have just been that he was tired. Here have a listen and let me know if this puts you right to sleep.

Still with me?! Good. Well this is what we’re going with for now. Maybe we’ll invest in a new sound machine or player of some sort. I’ll have to find out what they do at school to get him to sleep. After all, they have bears with glowing eyes that they are hunting, and he still manages to get a good nap.

Oh, and the rash on his feet… don’t get me started. It’s just nasty and I wouldn’t want that on my feet. Hopefully it’ll continue to clear up and we can nix the whole feet washing medicine portion of the night time fun.