Nervous in my spirit

In a few hours I board a plane an fly back to Texas. This trip was planned a week ago, while I was in Texas. That trip was finalized the day before departure.

This trip in particular has me a bit nervous. I’ve given presentations on the products my company offers dozens of times. I’ve done it over the phone on a WebEx, or in person. I’ve walked other people through giving the presentation when my internet connection wasn’t working. It’s pretty much a no-brainer at this point. Today however, I am presenting to Facebook. One of the core fundamentals of my company is to deliver a social presence to brands. It could be large scale, multi-billion dollar clients or it could be a mom and pop store. What ever their needs are, that’s what we deliver. Since we primarily do our work on FB they want to see our product offerings. They want to see our tools and applications and how we are able to quickly turn around a solid user experience in their platform. Luckily, I get to show them all that. Certainly there will be others in the room to answer questions, but for the most part I’ll be showing off all the shiny toys we have in our arsenal.

So yeah, I’m a bit nervous today. I’ve been up for a few hours making sure I had everything I needed. SJ is down there sleeping peacefully, which brings me peace, and soon I’ll be on my way. I just hope that all goes well and I don’t fumble. I don’t think I will, but when you’re presenting “your baby” to someone, you really want them to be as proud of it as you are.

Every time I leave for business I miss my wife more and more. I know she and Chase and everything is going to be fine, I just miss them and I get anxious. Perhaps in time that will change, but I kinda hope it doesn’t. I want to always miss my wife, even if I go less than 24 hours with out seeing her.

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