Summer Vacation: Day 2

Day 2 of our week long vacation began with me gatting up extra early to go check out some timeshare deal at the resort we are staying at. We, much to my surprise I had my days mixed up and the buffet and presentation wasn’t actually until the next day (Sunday). Oh well, at least I was up and ready for Universal Studios!

I got back to the room and woke the family up so we could start getting ready for our first full day of fun. Jess was smart enough to get some food to cook from Publix so I made bacon and eggs and toast! Such a money saver that was. After breakfast we all got ready and hit the road. Luckily the hotel/resort is only like 15 mins from everything, so that worked out well.

Being a Saturday I expected the park to be super crowded…I was wrong. The park was virtually empty and we didnt have to wait more than 15 mins to get on anything. Chase and I rode the coasters and Jess joined us on the rides that weren’t as intense. I know she wanted to ride all the rides badly, but we we not gonna take any chances with the baby.

After several hours of walking around it was time to head back to our room. We recounted our favorite rides, for Chase it was the Rip Rockit Rollercoaster and Men In Black, for Jess and i it was MIB and the Disaster movie show (which Jess and I got to be part of)! Our dogs were barking and it was time for some food and some “night time action”.

The pool was cool and refreshing, especially after a long day of walking. It was nice to just be able to just relax and not have to walk. The first day ouf our week long adventure had come to a close and it was a doozy. Day 3 is the beach and I know we’re all juiced up for that!

Oh, I’ll be putting photos in once I get them all sorted out.

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