Summah Summah Summah Tiiiime…

Summer is here which means relaxing time is a must. I do, though, have an almost 8 year old (how is that possible btw?) so part of our summer will include exploring the beautiful area we live in. Chase has a full list of things to see and do, but we started simple. Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Centennial Olympic Park to play in the water fountains! It was just the two of us, and we really enjoyed our day together. We were both in awe of the huge dinosaur replicas and I’m pretty sure I have a space geek in training! We came home and decked out his room with glow in the dark starts and planets. I’m so thankful that my job allows me to spend the summers with the SniperHBK, even on the days where boredom has taken over and we’re driving each other nuts. I’m hoping the SB can get some time off and join us on some adventures! Coming up soon…HBK’s 8th birthday and a cross country road trip! Pray we all still love each other at the end of that one! šŸ˜‰

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