I mean… for sersiiusnly?

Yeah. for. seriously! That’s how serious it is. So what is on my mind? Well for starters a lot of things. But I’ll get started with this. I noticed the other day that I was on the elevatore and there was a gaggle of ladies all bundles up. They were all in there dark grey or black over coats shivering or what ever t is that people do and I was mearly standing there in my short sleve or long sleve t-shirt. what caught my eye was the fact that here were several people acting as if it were the plague of God and some sort of absence of heat encroaching upon their existence…and here I was just chillin’ in my skivies. Well that was just funny and/or odd to me. It’s happened a few times, but there was that one time that really stood out to me.

You know what sucks? When you ar about to write something down and you kinda fall asleep. Not the kind of sleep you get if you’ve had mor ethan enough to drink, but the kind of sleep you get if you had just run a amarathon or faught Kimbo Slice in the octagon for 3 rounds. That’s what I’m talking wabout. Wait…what am I talking about”? All I knos is that I just said something about Kimbo Slice.

Oh yeah… Wait. I lost it again. What ever. So I’ll start on something new. For starters, I’m in love with Jessica Canning. This woman has encapusulated my life. I love her more than there are words and I will continue to do so until the dawn of time. I just want to go ahead and put that out there. In case any of you didn’t know, she is moving into my aartment complext on the 15th of january. that’s like les than a month away. Now, I don’t live in Milner so if you ar wanting to hang out with her you might want to go ahead and book reservaitions.

I kinda lost my train of thought again. At this pint, I’m pretty passed out, but he, that’s what people….

Totally lost my train of thought. I should sleep nopw.

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