There’s always that moment when you know things need to change

Over the past year I worked really hard at getting to my goal weight. I worked just as hard to stay at that weight. Through the holidays and parties and work trips and such, I was able to maintain my sub-200lb weight. Today the scale, which I have not been on in about a week, said 202.

I know I’ve not been steric with my diet or my fitness, but to lose something I worked so hard for really hit me made me realize that I need to reign things in.

This is my reminder post that I need to change things, again. No more eating what I want and thinking I can fitness my way out of it. No more rewards of alcohol just because I cut the grass on a hot day. I worked hard once and I reached my goal. I can will do it again.

I’ll post again in a month or so with where things stand.

Oh, and this is also my reminder post that I need to update the damn blog more. I plan on doing that too.